Walmart got a shipment of toilet paper in around 2 p.m. today, March 12 and customers were pulling it off the shelves just as fast as employees were putting it on.

Many shoppers in the Detroit Lakes store this afternoon had at least one bag of toilet paper in their carts.

Even as they shop, you can overhear multiple conversations about the mass toilet-paper shopping spree and Covid-19, just as people put that toilet paper into their carts. Several stores around the country reportedly are having difficulty keeping toilet paper and hand sanitizer stocked on shelves during the coronavirus outbreak.

Central Market had a similar situation. There were empty spaces on the shelves but Deb Baker, the HR front-end supervisor director, said Central Market hasn't sold out yet. She did say that the store has had a major increase in toilet paper sales.

"When I'm ringing register I'm just like 'uh you're not with the rest of the group, where's your toilet paper?'" Baker said about the few customers that come in without buying the product. "It's just kind of comical watching everybody, I mean everybody, buy toilet paper."

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If Central Market does run out, they can quickly order more as they receive a truck of supplies every day. As long as the warehouse has it in stock, the business can get it.

The two other main toilet paper options in Detroit Lakes -- Menards and Dollar Tree -- also had toilet paper in stock. Menards also had huge empty spaces on the shelves, but the Dollar Tree had a full shelf of four-roll bags. They also have single rolls available.

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