Menards and Walmart are continuing to take new measures to limit customer and employee exposure to the coronavirus. Now, both stores are limiting the number of customers allowed inside.

Menards is not letting customers under 16 years old into the store, or any pets (service animals are allowed). Customers that look too young will be asked to show their identification, according to a sign outside the Detroit Lakes store's front doors. The Garden Center entrance, to the left of the store, has also been closed.

Walmart in Detroit Lakes closed one of its entrances: the home and pharmacy door. Customers must now enter and exit only at the grocery door, but the number of customers allowed in is limited. A news release said that starting Saturday, April 4, the business is allowing no more than five customers for every 1,000 square feet.

To manage this, there is now a single-entry door where customers will be admitted and counted. Once the store reaches the limit, customers will only be let inside on a "one-out-one-in" basis, the release said.

In addition to the customer limitations, Walmart has changed how customers can shop the aisles: each row has a one-way movement, meaning customers can't come into aisles and shop in both directions. The goal of this change, the release said, is to avoid customers coming into close contact with each other.

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When customers are finished shopping and have paid, they will exit through the same door they entered. A yellow guard separates the enter and exit lines.