Becker County had 57 youth attend the 2019 Minnesota State Fair in late August: 35 exhibited livestock, 22 youth exhibited projects in the 4-H Building, and 5 youth participated in special events. Several 4-H volunteer project leaders and chaperones also attended to support the youth.

Minnesota 4-H’ers from 87 counties brought over 2,898 animals and 3,400 exhibits, delivered 187 public presentations, and participated in dozens of group learning experiences and performances at the state fair.

Throughout the year, 4-H youth select project areas that reflect personal areas of interest and pursue hands-on learning that is both self-directed and guided by adult volunteers. The results of their learning are exhibited at county fairs across the state. A collection of the best exhibits from each county fair is brought to present in the 4-H Building at the state fairgrounds in St. Paul.

Exhibiting project work and delivering public presentations at the state fair provides youth an opportunity to showcase their achievements and continue learning through the interactive conference judging and team experiences.

The presentations, exhibits, and presence of 4-H youth from diverse communities across Minnesota brought fresh perspectives and energy to the 4-H Building.

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The 4-H’ers listed below participated in various State events (the 4-H club they represented are in parentheses).

Livestock Exhibits

Beef: Reid Eckert (Wild Things), 2nd; Riyan Eckert (Wild Things), 3rd; Tanyen Moore (Wild Things), 9th; Maren Hoban (Franklin), 1st; Whitney Mikkelson (Franklin), 8th; Hailey Bigger (Franklin), 7th; Blake Bigger (Franklin), 5th; Tyler Bjerke (Franklin), 7th; Trent Bjerke (Franklin), 9th; Teigan Bjerke (Franklin), 8th; Alyssa Mitchell (Happy Hillside), 1st.

Dairy: Cael Schlauderaff (Happy Hillside), Blue; Maya Schlauderaff (Happy Hillside), Blue; Thad Schlauderaff (Happy Hillside), Red; Kate Spadgenske (Height of Land 69ers), Purple; Adam Spadgenske (HOL 69ers), Red.

Goat, Meat: McKinna Greggersen (Independent), Purple; Taylor Schauer (Franklin), Blue.

Poultry: Abigail Sellgren (HOL 69ers), Red.

Rabbits: Skylure Lehman (Burlington Cubs), Purple; Kylee St. Germain (Burlington Cubs), Blue; Trinity St. Germain (Burlington Cubs), Blue; Kirsten St. Germain (Burlington Cubs), Blue.

Sheep: Elizabeth Schauer (Franklin), Participation; Erin Schauer (Franklin), Purple; Seth Spadgenske (HOL 69ers), Red; Becker County, 5th place, Division 2 Herdsmanship.

Swine, Breeding Gilt or Market Barrow: Maria Schauer (Franklin), Blue; Beth Schauer (Franklin), Blue; Keara Schauer (Franklin), Red; Michael Hoban (Franklin), Blue; Thea Mattson (Franklin), Blue; Thomas Hoffman (Franklin), Red; Sally Yliniemi (Independent), Blue.

Swine, Market Gilt: Elaina Mattson (Franklin), Blue; Zeb Lewis (River Valley), Red; Becker County, 2nd place, Division 1 Herdsmanship.

Static Exhibits

Child Development: Keela Johnson (Franklin), Blue.

Citizenship: Sam Bestge (Franklin)\u0009, Purple.

Clothes You Make and Fashion Revue: Faith Christensen (Happy Hillside), Blue; Abigail Sellgren (HOL 69ers), Participation; Alexis Kohler (Wild Things), Red.

Crafts: Seth Jepson (HOL 69ers), Blue.

Exploring Animals: Gracie Johnson (Franklin), Red.

Fine Arts: Morgan Klein (Independent), Blue\u0009; Faith Jepson (HOL 69ers), Blue.

Fishing Sports: Isabelle Lindquist (Busy Bees), Blue.

Food and Nutrition: Kaitlin McConkey (Cloverdale), Blue.

Performing Arts: Cael Schlauderaff (Happy Hillside), Red; Bergen Eklund (Cloverdale), Purple; Martin Eklund (Cloverdale), Red.

Quilting: Alyssa Mitchell (Happy Hillside), Blue; Madison Johnson (Independent), Blue.

Self- Determined: Domanic Madole (Height of Land 69ers), Red.

Shop: Tanner Sellgren (HOL 69ers)\u0009, Blue.

Shooting Sports/Wildlife Management: Garret Kleven (Franklin), Blue.

Science of Animals: Alyssa Mitchell (Happy Hillside), Blue; Abigail Sellgren (HOL 69ers), Blue.

Vegetable Gardening: Katelyn Kleven (Franklin), Blue.

Wildlife Biology: Zeb Lewis (River Valley), Red.

Congratulations to all the Becker County youth who participated in 4-H at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair! More Minnesota State Fair results and photos can be found at

The 4-H program is funded through a partnership of federal, state, county and private resources and is part of the University of Minnesota Extension. To learn more about 4-H in Minnesota, visit; to learn more about 4-H in Becker County, contact Becker County 4-H Program Coordinators, Leigh Nelson-Edwards or Gina Schauer, at 218-846-7328.