Arvig upgrades system, enhancing connectivity and speed

The Perham-based internet and telephone company has upgraded to a Wi-Fi 6 network, enhancing its network's proficiency.

Perham's Arvig has successfully upgraded its equipment for the latest generation of mobile connectivity.

This will help with signal strength in dense environments like airports and apartment buildings. The upgrade will also improve efficiency and extended battery life.

“This is a very important upgrade to the Arvig network for many reasons,” said Shaun Carlson, Director of Research and Development and Continuous Innovation at Arvig, in a press release.

"Our network now carries new and improved wireless technology that will offer a much better user experience from end to end," Carlson added. "As the demand on Wi-Fi increases, this upgrade ensures that our wireless network can offer better speeds, greater range and improved reliability."

Arvig provides residential internet, television and telephone services throughout Minnesota.

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