Still need private health insurance for 2020? Enroll on today before midnight.

By enrolling in a plan through MNsure you'll have access to the services you need to stay healthy in the new year. Doctor visits, mental health services and prescription drug coverage are just a few of the benefits.

And, you can't be denied care or charged more based on your health history.

Enrollment tip: To submit an application, use an up-to-date recommended browser (Firefox or Google Chrome) on a laptop or desktop computer. Do not use a tablet or smartphone.

Need help? The MNsure Contact Center is open today until midnight. Call 855-366-7873 (651-539-2099 in the Twin Cities).

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Because of today's deadline, the wait times may be long. If you are on hold when the Contact Center closes, don't hang up; your call will be answered.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be covered for 2020.