New CBD store brings products 'from field to customer' in DL

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Anthony Manderud, left, Jon Anderson, Izack Bailey, and Arlyn and Gail Hustad opened Lakes Country Wellness, a CBD store, on Monday, May 18. The five are all from Otter Tail County. (Desiree Bauer / Tribune)

Correction: Lakes Country Wellness CBD store grows its hemp plant in Minnesota, and uses a lab in Colorado for testing and manufacturing. The location information was wrong in this story; it has been corrected.

While enjoying a meal at Roasted last fall, Jon Anderson watched cars and people buzz by on Washington Avenue.

The "vibrant downtown," he said, made him think about his business partners and the CBD store they were working on.

He and his four partners -- Izack Bailey, Arlyn and Gail Hustad and Anthony Manderud, who are all from Otter Tail County -- visited Detroit Lakes just a few more times before deciding that this is where they wanted to set up shop.

On May 18, they opened Lakes Country Wellness, a CBD (cannabidiol) store, at 814 Washington Ave.


"'Wellness' is kind of where this is going, for why people take the product," Anderson said, explaining the name. The "Lakes Country" part came because "You guys (DL) are the lakers ... everybody's got lakes country of some sort written on the windows. It just kind of fits the Minnesota vibe."

CBD is often used to address address pain, anxiety, insomnia and other ailments, according to Harvard Health Publishing . Lakes Country Wellness sells CBD products such as pain cream, oils and more.

"Our best seller is definitely the CBD-infused muscle cream," Bailey said.

Each of the products sold at Lakes Country Wellnes include "only CBD because we wanted it to be all-natural," said Izack Bailey, a co-owner of the store. "We let it interact with your body however it was meant to." (Desiree Bauer / Tribune)

"This one here," Anderson said, pointing at the 1500 milligram mint oil, "it works. I have a lot of back pain, I had a car accident back in 2001. Now I'm in no pain and I've been taking the 1500."

The five co-owners didn't plan to take over five months to open the new business.

"We signed the lease at the end of December," Anderson said. "The day we were ready and set to open (in March) is the day the governor of Minnesota said 'no, we're going to shut down."


While having to wait for an unknown amount of time before opening was frustrating, "We're happy that we're finally able to be open," Anderson said. "Help support this community."

Since there was an extra two months of time, there's more than enough products in storage at Lakes Country Wellness right now, waiting for people to order. The owners have also had time to figure out what they want to add to the business, like a 0% THC oil, pet CBD gummies and different flavors of the oil.

The owners grow the hemp for their CBD products in Minnesota; last year was their first year farming it. After the crop is grown, it's taken to a laboratory in Colorado for testing and manufacturing.

"Ours is full-spectrum versus isolate," Bailey said, explaining that the difference is that full-spectrum contains all the different cannabinoids in hemp while isolate is only CBD. "It cooperates with your body in a much more friendly way."

More info

  • Where: Lakes Country Wellness is at 814 Washington Ave.
  • Hours: Noon-7 p.m. Wednesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, or by appointment.
  • Phone: 701-369-0023
  • Online: or Facebook @LakesCountryWellness . Use code "GRAND" when shopping online for a 15% off discount. Memberships are also available for reduced rates.
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