Editor's note: This story was reported and written by Tribune intern Inessa Hukriede, a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.

This time of year, with cold weather and the holidays rolling around, festive winter drinks are being scratched onto cafe menus all over town

Detroit Lakes' local coffee shops offer seasonal flavors in cozy environments.

The second you walk into the doors at Chickadee Coffee, found inside of Roasted on Washington Avenue, the smell of coffee and baked goods welcomes you. The atmosphere is clean, modern, and local art fills the brick walls.

Bar manager Kassie Lysaker said that the atmosphere is the space and the people in it.

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“A sense of community, you feel it in this place,” she said, as she pointed around to the regulars that visit the coffee shop each morning.

Chickadee Coffee's most popular holiday drink is a pumpkin spice latte, Lysaker said, even though fall is behind us. As for other festive drinks, Chickadee has peppermint mochas, peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint bark and frosted gingerbread lattes.

The magic of crafting holiday drinks happens across the street, too, at La Barista inside of Washington Square Mall. The aroma of the corner cafe is delightful with hints of cinnamon and fresh ground coffee.

Owner Brooke Wenzel says La Barista's most popular holiday drink is their peppermint patty, followed by their gingerbread latte.

Both women have their own favorite holiday drinks: Lysaker said hers is a dark chocolate peppermint mocha; Wenzel's favorite would have to be La Barista's apple cider, she said. Wenzel said an underrated drink she serves is a butterbeer latte that she absolutely adores.

Even though the weather is frightful, regulars don’t stray away from how they take their coffee -- hot or cold. But a way to spice up your plain cup of joe at home is to add cocoa mix to create a cafe mocha, Wenzel said. Adding cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate chips, and even marshmallows can turn your coffee festive and tasty, she said.

Lysaker also recommends cinnamon for your plain coffee at home -- and, of course, some peppermint mocha creamer, she said.

Kassie Lysaker of Chickadee Coffee recommends at dark chocolate peppermint mocha. (Inessa Hukriede / Tribune)
Kassie Lysaker of Chickadee Coffee recommends at dark chocolate peppermint mocha. (Inessa Hukriede / Tribune)