Nearly one hundred devoted Norby’s Department Store fans stood in line before the going out of business sale early Thursday, June 7 to get first pick of their favorite brands.

After 112 years in business, Norby’s is selling its entire stock of men’s and women’s clothing, swimsuits, accessories, and beauty products.

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The first two in line were Carmen Howell and Debi Bock who said that they arrived nearly one hour early to shop at the closing sale. They were in good spirits.

Lois Froiland, third in line, was not quite as chipper. “I’ve been coming here a long time,” Froiland said, disappointedly. “There’s going to be a big hole in Detroit Lakes now.”

What ever replaces the gaping hole in downtown Detroit Lakes will have a tall order to fill.

The line of customers would have wrapped around the corner on Holmes street, as people thwarted the area from all directions, if it weren’t for Michael Norby opening up the doors.

The customers flooded inside and the chaos began. Every walkable path was blocked and people were scrambling to get their favorite perfume or new golf T-shirt.

Everything is marked down, some items as low as 50 percent off. Norby’s will remain open until the shelves are empty.