Corrections: Aaron Aslesen owns Lakes Corner Liquor in Erie Township. His last name and the name of the liquor store were wrong in an earlier version of this story. Also, Jeff Dugger, owner of Charlie's Place at Height of Land Lake, said he did not oppose the 4 Corners liquor license. That fact, attributed to Becker County Auditor-Treasurer Mary Hendrickson, was also wrong. This story has been updated with the right information. We regret the errors.

The new owners of 4 Corners have obtained an off-sale liquor license and a tobacco license from Becker County, and improvements are underway at the former convenience store and restaurant at the junction of Highway 34 and County Road 29.

The owners of SNH Properties –- doing business as 4 Corners –- are Joshua James and Kayla Jean Swangler; Brian Edward Nelson; Cari Kay and Michael Gerhard; and Dean Hough, according to their liquor license application, which has not yet been approved by the state.

They plan to sell gasoline, liquor and convenience store items -- but they do not plan to reopen the popular full-kitchen restaurant at 4 Corners, said Becker County Auditor-Treasurer Mary Hendrickson. Her department processed the liquor license request, which was approved by the County Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Office before being approved unanimously July 16 by the five commissioners on the County Board.

Joshua Swangler did not respond to multiple phone messages for this story. Another man, who identified himself as a co-owner at the site, declined requests for an interview on plans for 4 Corners.

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Aaron Aslesen, owner of Lakes Corner Liquor, asked commissioners to deny the 4 Corners liquor license at a county public hearing in July. He noted that his liquor store is across Highway 34 from 4 Corners, and said the Erie Town Board didn’t adequately advertise or post the hearing at the township level before approving the application.

Owners of a bar and grill establishment, Curley’s on Cotton Lake, also voiced opposition to the liquor license, Hendrickson said, although the owners did not attend the county hearing.

In an interview, she said the off-sale license requires a separate entrance into the liquor store portion of the business, so that families with children don’t have to walk through the liquor store to get to the convenience store.

The county approves the off-sale license, but the state reviews it for final approval and confirmation, and the license application is currently in state hands, she said.