Although other local businesses may have a reflexology option, the new Reflexology by Wendi focuses only on feet and hands therapy.

Wendi Buzick's new business opened this week in Washington Square Mall.

"I do feet and hands; the majority of it though is the feet," Buzick said, explaining what reflexology is. "Basically what you're doing is I'm using hand and figure techniques to find the reflexes and the glands in the feet and hands."

Buzick finds the right reflexes and glands for each client by talking to them about "how their feeling and things or issues that they're having," she said. These could be arthritis, multiple kinds and causes of pain, depression and anxiety, migraines, hormonal imbalances and much more. Most of Buzick's clients come in for sciatica and/or sinus issues.

When a client first comes in, they fill out a small amount of paperwork as they talk about their pain. After completing the paperwork and figuring out what area to focus on, Buzick's client comes into her room, takes off their shoes, and reclines in their chair -- if that's comfortable to them.

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"I want them to be as relaxed as possible," Buzick said. "I work one foot to completion and then to the next. As we're going through I ask them about pressure ... I can be light or deep depending on what's comfortable for them."

When Wendi Buzick has a client for her reflexology services, she invites them to her room, dims the lights, and puts on some soft music to help them relax. (Desiree Bauer / Tribune)
When Wendi Buzick has a client for her reflexology services, she invites them to her room, dims the lights, and puts on some soft music to help them relax. (Desiree Bauer / Tribune)

She also lets them take the lead on how much and what kind of conversation they want to have. About "90% of them fall asleep," Buzick said, which is "a really good thing."

After that first appointment, Buzick's clients can come in for long-term or short-term appointments, depending on their budget and their need. Most of them continue long-term, Buzick said, "because it's so relaxing."

"(Reflexology) really has the potential to do a lot of great things for people," she said, adding that it works for people of any age. "We don't diagnose people ... But there's just so many benefits that people feel."

Buzick has seen that potential first hand, as she used reflexology for her own pain a few years ago. She had restless leg syndrome and was on different medications multiple times a day, but once she started reflexology from a previous DL provider, her pain went away. It's been four years now and Buzick is still pain-free.

This experience was a big reason Buzick started in the field, saying "I realized the benefits of it." The other reason Buzick started is because the previous reflexology specialist that Buzick saw herself, left about four years ago. After she left, Buzick thought it would be a good career for her to get into, and decided to test it in a class.

"I thought 'Oh, I'm going to go to one class and I'm just going to see how it feels.' And to me it was like, it didn't even feel like I was touching a foot," she said.

When she realized touching feet wouldn't be an issue, Buzick dove head first into the classes she'd need to take to become certified in reflexology. She explained that she took three courses that are 32 hours each, and then had 100 hours of practicing before she could officially start her own business.

That was about 10 months ago, and in February she decided that she wanted to officially open her own business by the end of 2020. She won't be certified by the International Institute of Reflexology until February when they come to Minnesota, but she is still cleared to practice, as per Minnesota laws.

After just a few days of being open, she is loving having her own business.

"It's wonderful, it's so nice coming here every day and knowing that I can influence (people)," she said.

Buzick likes meeting new people. She's only lived in the Detroit Lakes area for about five years, moving here from the Cities. Buzick and her husband had a seasonal home that they'd visit on the weekends, and after falling in love with the area and not wanting to drive the combined seven hours to it on the weekends, they made the permanent move here.

For Buzick, this has shown to be a great choice for her life, as she's now working a new career that she loves.

Reflexology by Wendi

What: A type of therapy that uses pressure and techniques specifically with the feet.

Where: Washington Square Mall, suite 15 (near Travel Travel and Forever Summer)

Hours: By appointment.

Cost: 30-minute session for $30; 60 minutes for $55; or 90 for $80. Buzick is offering a $5 discount per session for clients. She will be drawing one name per month for a free 30-minute session.