A new family-owned bakery will be opening in Detroit Lakes as soon as the end of July.

Detroit Cakes and Bakes, located in the old Manna Co-op building on Highway 34, is renovating their building with new flooring and ceiling over the next month and, if inspections are completed in a timely manner, the bakery could be open to the public as soon as the end of July, according to Roxanne Carr, the bakery's owner.

"We're hoping for four weeks," said Carr. "We've been pushing along with this since February, but with the state, and COVID, it just took forever."

Carr has worked as a cake decorator for the last 10 years at the Central Market bakery in Detroit Lakes and is looking forward to being her own boss with her new storefront. The only employees planned for the bakery so far are: Carr, her two kids, her mother who will be working part-time, and her significant other's oldest child.

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"I have a long line of people who want to come work for me," she said. "But we all know how employee payroll is, so that would kill us off the get-go."

Karen Pieper, Roxanne's mother and soon-to-be part-time employee, said she and her husband are thrilled for Roxanne and her new chapter.

"It just brings tears to my eyes," said Pieper. "It's just been a total family thing. She's been so gracious to include everybody who wants to help and what a fun thing to do."

Pieper said her grandmother was the cake-lady for Slayton, Minn., a small town just north of Worthington, when she was growing up and seeing her daughter realize her baking dreams, keeps the line of baking alive through its fourth generation.

Baked goods will also be 100% baked, with no fryers used, Carr said.

"Just baked donuts. We'll have certain varieties of baked-raised donuts and we'll have flat breads, and we'll bake all day, so we'll do smaller batches all day long," she said. "And then we'll have fresh fruit and stuff … we'll have purées that'll go into our smoothies and our donuts are based with fruit purées."

Carr said she plans on selling everything from the storefront, but is also saving display space for other vendors, like Amish baked goods, who are looking to get more of their delicious products into consumers' hands.

"We're not getting into the packaging where we have to print labels and stuff," she said. "We want to stay at an [even] dollar amount and get away from the tax. Where everything is a dollar, or two dollars, so you can just throw down a five dollar bill and go."

The bakery will offer a sit-in area for customers to socialize and eat, as well as, a drive-thru, curbside pickup and some delivery services.

She added having a building with a drive-thru was important because she wanted her customers to be able to purchase he products without getting out of their cars in the winter.

She hopes to one day be able to sell her baking ingredients, like butter, bread and milk, through the drive-thru window as well so customers won't have to get out of their car and go to the back of the grocery store for those small items.

The new bakery will also sell coffee, pet treats, and host food truck events in the future. She also hopes to delve into breakfast sandwiches since they are able to cook eggs through their licensing.

"We could do omelet muffins and whatnot," Carr said. "We're going to do this loaf of a sweeter bread that has bacon, eggs, and cheese rolled into it."

She also said the bakery will have two additional cases, separate from the main case, that will hold gluten-free and vegan options for customers to pick from.

Thinking about the bakery's future, Carr said she hopes to hold theme nights, like a wine and cupcake night, to bring community members together around an evening of delicious baked goods.

Detroit Cakes and Bakes plans to be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. once the storefront goes live. Hopefully, by the end of July, she said.