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The Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Growth, Research and Innovation program supports the state's agricultural and renewable energy industries.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Growth, Research and Innovation program supports the state’s agricultural and renewable energy industries.

To highlight the broad reach and individual impact this program has on farmers and agricultural businesses, the MDA produced a video series during the summer of 2015.

The series showcases a sample of statewide projects and shares farmer, school, and business success stories supported by state investments.

“These videos are an excellent bridge to our farmers, schools and business owners,” said MDA Commissioner Dave Fredrickson. “Although they’re in a short format, they offer a diverse snapshot of the kind of investments that keep our agricultural economy strong. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and they remind you of the importance of our farmers’ role and commitment to the economy.”

Watch these and other MDA videos on the department YouTube channel: .


The series will be slowly released, weekly, throughout the month of October. If these videos spark an investment idea for your farm or business, you can research opportunities and apply here: .

Since AGRI’s inception in 2013, the state has invested nearly $15 million in the various grant areas of the AGRI program fund. Among those areas, the videos feature a few, including Farm to School, Livestock Investment and Value Added grant projects.

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