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Over half of MN job openings are in low-wage occupations

There are 60,000 job openings in Greater Minnesota, the most openings since the state first conducted the Job Vacancy Survey in 2001.

Most of the overall gain in job openings was caused by a sharp increase in six low-wage occupations: food preparation and serving, sales, personal care, office support, janitorial, and farming.

Compared with four years ago, when DEED did its last survey before the state began raising its minimum wage, job openings are up 108 percent in the six occupations listed above. The increase for these occupations is four times greater than for the other occupations in the survey.

In the current survey, 53 percent of all Greater Minnesota openings are in the same six low-wage occupations. For these openings, the median wage is $11.60 per hour.

Other findings for Greater Minnesota include:

• Only half of all openings offer health care.

• Only 24 percent of all openings require education or training beyond high school.

• The median wage for all openings is $13.70 per hour.

DEED's cost of living report shows how much is required to meet basic needs in twelve Greater Minnesota economic regions. To make ends meet in a family of three with two workers—one full-time, one part-time—each worker must earn between a regional low of $14.25 per hour and a regional high of $19.45 per hour.

Greater Minnesota consists of all the state's economic regions, excluding the seven-county metro region.