"Sister-queens" is the term used for the Miss and Teen pageant titleholders of a town. The two spend a large amount of time together, and the Miss often shows the Teen the ropes.

The newly crowned Miss Northwest and Miss Northwest's Outstanding Teen 2019 are "sister-queens," literally.

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Sisters Catherine and Grace Jaroszewski were crowned Friday, July 12, as Miss Northwest and Miss Northwest's Outstanding Teen 2019, respectively. This is their second time as sister-queens, as they held the titles of Miss Becker County Fair and Junior Miss Becker County Fair in 2016.

The Jaroszewski sisters are the first in the new Miss Minnesota class of 2019 to be crowned. They will serve for a full year, competing at Miss Minnesota in June of 2020, and returning to the 85th Northwest Water Carnival to crown their successors.

Both sisters won their competition's talent portion, which accounts for the highest percent of the final score. Catherine played Prelude In C# Minor, Op. 3, No. 2 by composer Sergei Rachmaninoff on the piano. Grace performed a musical theater dance to "Welcome to My Party."

Winning the other category for the Miss competition, private interview, was Madison Hagen. Ellie Miron was first runner-up. Miron and Hagen tied for Miss Congeniality.

In the talent portion, candidates Becca Simmon performed a contemporary dance to "Light" from the musical "Next to Normal," and Casey Goltz sang "Feeling Good" by Micheal Buble.

Outstanding Teen competition

Along with winning the title and talent category, Grace Jaroszewski also won the lifestyle and fitness portions.

The position of runner-up was not awarded, as there were only two other candidates: Bailee Chapin and Kaitlyn Kruse.

For Chapin's talent, she performed a dance to "This Girl is on Fire" by Alicia Keys. Kruse pic-skated, a combination of rollerblading and ice skating. The shoes Kruse wore looked like ice skates, but had wheels on the bottom like roller blades. She performed to "Roar" by Katy Perry.

These talent performances were just one section of the competition. Each candidate also competed in private interview, on-stage question and evening wear. The Miss candidates also had a social impact statement (replacing the swimsuit competition) and the Outstanding Teen candidates had lifestyle and fitness.

Each of these categories has a certain percentage to it that goes back and accounts for the final score. In order for the Jaroszewski sisters to win their titles, they had to maintain a higher amount at that final score than the rest of the candidates.

Since winning their titles, the sisters have been busy going to as many Water Carnival events as possible. They will be around town for the rest of the week and in the parade on Sunday, July 21.