A public opening for the art exhibition "Unmasking Brain Injury" will be held at Detroit Lakes' Trinity Lutheran Church starting at 6 p.m. this Tuesday, Nov. 12.

At 6:30 p.m., the award-winning documentary "Unmasking" will be shown, followed by a public discussion.

On display at the church through Dec. 31 will be 120 masks and their narratives, created by people who are survivors of stroke, concussions, brain injury from accidents or physical violence, their caregivers, friends and relatives. Several of the masks to be displayed during the exhibition were created by local residents during an Oct. 7 art event at Trinity.

"It was a wonderful, friendly evening," said Trinity's music and arts director, Mark Berg, who helped organize the event. "Later, during that evening, many of mask painters described the symbols of their masks, told what had happened to them and how it has affected the living of the lives today. Hearing them speak was very warm, sincere and heartfelt.

"Mask painting is tremendously therapeutic," he added. "It is a very moving experience to see these masks and read their narratives." The general public is invited to this exhibition opening, especially anyone who has had a brain injury, a concussion, a stroke, or is a caregiver, or people who know someone who has had a concussion, stroke or brain injury."

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Trinity Lutheran is located at 1401 Madison Ave., Detroit Lakes, just across the street east of the high school. If you have questions, or need more information, contact at 218-849-4337.