Becker County Fair opens with animals, exhibits and more

The 2021 Becker County Fair opened Wednesday, July 28, 2021 after last year's event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first two days featured 4-H animal showcases, exhibits from community organizations, enough food and rides to entertain the hundreds of attendees.

Whitney Vogel, leeft, of Rogers, N.D., judges sheep during the Becker County 4-H Club junior showmanship competition at the 2021 Becker County Fair on July 29, 2021. (Michael Achterling / Detroit Lakes Tribune)

The Becker County Fair returned Wednesday to excited attendees after taking a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first two days of the fair featured the opening of various community exhibits spread throughout the fairgrounds and judging for everything from animals to flowers to arts and crafts.

Wednesday's Opening Day festivities included judging for 4-H rabbit, poultry and swine as well as open-class entries for everything from art and needlework to flowers and vegetables.

The judges for the Open Class Flower Show at the Becker County Fair had a lot of beautiful entries to choose from on Wednesday afternoon, July 28, according to open class entry coordinator Karla Lindquist. (Vicki Gerdes / Tribune)


Karla Lindquist, who was in charge of coordinating the open-class exhibit entries, said she was "very impressed" by the overall quality of the exhibits, particularly in the flower, vegetable and other garden categories.

"I think the numbers (of entries) are down a little," she said, "but I'm impressed by what did come in, especially with the summer we've had. The vegetables, the flowers, they all look great."

Over at the TEAM Industries trailer, Randy Smith, a senior production supervisor at the company's facilities in Audubon, said that they were getting ready to welcome kids and adults for a series of demonstrations inside the air-conditioned trailer.

Team Industries.JPG
TEAM Industries' Randy Smith shows off the virtual welder that is part of the demonstration trailer co-sponsored by TEAM Industries and the Becker County Museum at this year's Becker County Fair. There were demonstrations of both the virtual welder and nearby laser etcher held during the fair this weekend. (Vicki Gerdes / Tribune)

"There's a laser etcher, and a machine that lets you try welding … virtually," he said, adding that the trailer's presence at the fair is not only to help call attention to TEAM's various job openings, and how to apply for them, but also to advertise the company's joint project with the Becker County Museum to host a series of four kids' STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) camps this summer.

On Thursday, July 29, the Becker County 4-H Club featured their beginners showmanship group which consisted of new exhibiters who had not shown animals in competition previously. Samuel Strom, 11, of Lake Park, won the beginners group and was very proud of his sheep: Jerry.

"I think (sheep) are cute and I like leading them a lot," said Strom.


Samuel Strom, 11, of Lake Park, smiles next to his sheep, Jerry, after winning the Becker County 4-H Club beginners showmanship competition at the 2021 Becker County Fair on July 29, 2021. (Michael Achterling / Detroit Lakes Tribune)

The Becker County 4-H Club offers a variety of programs designed provide educational experiences outside of the classroom and provide hands-on learning so children can find their passion, said Leigh Edwards, extension educator at the Becker County 4-H Club.

"Everyone is really excited to be back, and be back together," said Edwards. "4-H offers a wide range of activities and opportunities … so many of our hands-on programs, such as Lego robotics, or our community arts project, or our 4-H pollinator ambassadors, they have a topic area, or focus, but then we also intentionally build in opportunities for a public showcase, public engagement opportunity and really try to grow civic engagement skills."

Edwards said the some kids raise animals throughout the year, investing time into learning how to showcase that animal and then present it to the public, which teaches them public speaking skills and self-confidence.

"I think those are the aspects that are really able to be offered during the fair, whereas last year, we kind of missed out on that," she said.

Bowde Sonnenberg, left, shows his sheep, Mariah, to show judge Whitney Vogel, of Rogers, N.D., during the Becker County 4-H Club beginners showmanship competition at the 2021 Becker County Fair on July 29, 2021. (Michael Achterling / Detroit Lakes Tribune)


Edwards also said through 4-H programs kids are taught valuable life skills, like belonging, self-respect, respect for others, social and emotional learning.

"And that's why 4-H is really amazing," she said. "We offer educational learning opportunities in a non-academic setting."

Samuel's mother, Caroline Strom, said her son has really taken to the 4-H programs and thinks he's making lifelong friends in the process.

"The smile on his face makes me want to do it again," said Caroline Strom. "They have already made more friends then I could ever imagine. This is life. I love it, they love it."

The county fair will run through Saturday, July 31, at the county fairgrounds on Rossman Avenue in Detroit Lakes.

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