Fundraisers started to support Henning family after fire destroyed their livelihood

Find out how you can support this family in need during their crisis.

Cornerstone Farms Christmas Eve Fire.jpg
A Christmas Eve fire at Cornerstone Farms brought a total loss of their barn, 1,000 milking goats, 15 peacocks and a dog. Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Farms
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Funds are on the way for a Henning family who lost their barn, and everything in it, to a fire on Christmas Eve.

The Springer family lost their barn, tractors, straw, 1,000 milking goats, 15 peacocks and a dog in the fire that's believed to have started around 3 a.m. at their farm, Cornerstone Farm, northeast of Henning.

The family includes husband and wife Stephen and Brittany and their five children.

“Our beautiful barn was lighting up the night sky with the horrific glow of fire,” Brittany describes in the family’s Facebook post. “All we could do was stand there and watch our dreams burn for 15 mins before the fire departments got there. Our beautiful barn built from the ground up, was taken back down.”

The family is looking forward to rebuilding after the cleanup process, which is slowed while awaiting the insurance company.


“It's tough to lose your livelihood,” Brittany said in a message. “It's not just a job. Our employees are our family so we’ve been mourning with them also.”

Throughout the farm’s page, the family shares about their faith foundation including God’s goodness in tough times.

“God is still good through all of this,” Brittany said in a message. “Faith is crucial to surviving something like this.”

You can help raise funds for the family through various channels that have been set up. Community members’ donations have helped the family purchase groceries and begin replacing Stephen’s tools, as Brittany shared in a post. A PayPal account has already raised over $10,000 as of Wednesday, Dec. 30.

“No amount of money can bring back our love of animals and the toil and effort put into building a dream, but it sure can help start anew and only look forward - and that’s really all we can hope for at this point for this family. Afterall, there is NO one more resilient than a sustainable/organic farmer. NO one,” said Emily McCune, family friend and owner of Sugar High Bakery and Confections, in a Facebook post on Dec. 28 .

Here are some donation opportunities:

  • Venmo: @Cornerstone-Farm
  • PayPal:
  • Wadena State Bank has also created accounts to accept funds for the family. Donations can be dropped at their Bluffton, Deer Creek, or Wadena Branches. Donations can also be mailed to Wadena State Bank, Att : Springer Benefit Account , PO Box 191, Wadena, MN 56482.

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