50 Years Ago

• Council Votes to Eliminate 20 Stop Signs in City: Twenty stop signs in residential areas of Detroit Lakes are going to be eliminated. The City Council voted to dispose of the signs Tuesday night on the recommendation of Police Chief Larry Person and the street commission. The move followed more than a year of deliberation on traffic control devices by the City. The signs will be eliminated to provide "through" streets and avenues...on Summit, Lake, Curry and Roosevelt avenues on a north-south basis and Holmes, West Willow and West Lake Drive on an east-west basis. The action will reduce the number of stop signs from 197 to 177 within the City.

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• Local Teachers Organization Asks 'Sincere Negotiations': Members of the Detroit Lakes Minnesota Education Association have issued a refusal to participate in "artificial panels" and have asked the Detroit Lakes School Board "to accept its local elective responsibility and moral independence by re-opening meaningful and sincere negotiations" into the local salary situation. Superintendent Edward E. Anderson told The Record he had received signed contracts from 25 members of the school staff as of Tuesday, April 1. Another 18 staff members tendered their resignations. There are 180 faculty members on the Detroit Lakes teaching staff.

• Dog Killings 'Worst' In 20 Years: Conservation officer Ted Abrahamson reports that instances of dogs killing deer this winter "are the most numerous in 20 years." He added that "all the wardens around this area say that the situation is the worst that they've seen." Abrahamson reminded residents that they can legally kill any dog caught chasing deer without fear of legal action being taken against them.

Excerpts from the Thursday, April 3, 1969 Becker County Record

25 Years Ago

• Debit cards will replace handwritten checks: Imagine a paperless world. Already, credit cards and cash cards allow paperless purchases. In Detroit Lakes, the latest phase of electronic banking - debit cards - is just months away. First National Bank plans to offer it in 60 to 90 days.

• Daggetts go into strawberry business: What do you do with 6,600 pints of strawberries? Dave and Delta Daggett, owners of Daggett Trucking of Frazee, had the berries land on their laps Thursday after a buyer in Minneapolis rejected the load. The Daggetts put their salesmen caps on and strawberry season came early to Frazee this year. They sold the fruit off at $5 a flat.

• Three at once: Okeson Holstein calves survive, gaining weight: Two's company, three's a crowd. A three-year-old Holstein cow belonging to Okeson Dairy Farm of rural Detroit Lakes discovered the true meaning of that adage about a month ago. She gave birth to triplets: two heifer calves and a bull calf. Mother and babies are doing fine. It has been the talk of the neighborhood; the birth of twins isn't unusual, but triplets is another matter. And to save all three is even more unusual.

Excerpts from the Sunday, April 3, 1994 Becker County Record