50 Years Ago

  • 1,000 In City for NFO Meet: Detroit Lakes is the state capitol of the National Farmers Organization (NFO) today. Some 1,000 NFO’ers are in town for the sixth annual state convention of the farm organization that was founded in 1955 and which has gained considerable national stature in its 14-year history.

  • DL Firemen Begin Move To Station: The work of moving trucks and equipment into the new Detroit Lakes fire station began this week when firemen held their first work meeting inside the new building on Wednesday. Fire Chief Robert Caron said that the firemen are still operating from the present station, but hopes they will be completely moved by Sept. 24.

  • Budgeting Needed For Improvements At Football Field: (Opinion Piece) Detroit Lakes last year secured a new varsity football field,a facility in which all local grid fans can exhibit a certain amount of civic pride… Today, we’re suggesting that the Detroit Lakes School Board, in its budgeting for 1969-70, set aside a certain portion of School District No. 22 funds for improvements at the football field. We’re thinking about such items as a fence to enclose the field, a better running track, new bleachers, a press box, etc… It would be a shame if we stopped before the project was finished!

Excerpts from the Monday, Sept. 22, 1969, Detroit Lakes Tribune

25 Years Ago

  • Coffee flowed, ballots slowed: Computer glitches made for late night: Becker County voters turned out to the polls in droves in Tuesday’s primary to decide several hotly-contested local and statewide races. But it wasn’t the volume of votes that caused vote-counting problems at the county courthouse well into the early morning hours… There were several delays with the vote-counting computer. Election officials said all of the bugs in the software program had not been worked out by Tuesday.

  • Cheers to late-night humor: (From a Cheers and Jeers opinion piece) Cheers to KDLM’s Maureen Anderson for the best line of primary election night. Anderson’s plan to give up-to-the-minute election reports on the air was foiled by slow reports from the auditor’s office. After 12 a.m., husband Darryl Anderson checked in on-air from the station with a “good morning” and a request for the latest results. Her reply: “The only thing that’s come in lately is a fresh batch of doughnuts.”

  • Bad day for teller machines: Two teller machines in Detroit Lakes were damaged in two separate accidents on Sept. 12, according to the Detroit Lakes Police Department. Two cars accidentally drove into machines at First American Bank, one at 11 a.m. and another at about 4:45 p.m. Both drivers were not hurt, but the teller machines sustained considerable damage.

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Excerpts from the Thursday, Sept. 15, 1994, Detroit Lakes Tribune