50 Years Ago

  • Snow Hits Earliest In Many Years: Detroit Lakes residents set their sights for winter this week when one of the earliest snowfalls in recent history brought the Indian summer to a premature close. The rain and snow combination began early Wednesday morning and held a steady pace through Friday. Forecasters were predicting more of the same through tonight (Saturday) with possible clearing and warmer skies on Sunday. According to the U.S. Weather Observation Station at Radio KDLM, a total of 1.5 inches of snow fell on Wednesday and another two inches each of the next two days.

  • Building New School is Practical Approach to Problem: What do you do with 900 junior high school students? The practical approach is to build a junior high school to educate them. Voters are being asked to vote "yes" or "no" when they go to the polls on a $3.5 million bond issue that would build a new junior high school in Detroit Lakes. Unfortunately, folks aren't always practical when the emotional response to rising taxes comes to the surface. Many, maybe too many, will go to the polls Tuesday to cast a "no" vote in protest. Not necessarily in protest of a new junior high school, but in protest of the demands on their pocketbooks from every taxing body.

  • 21 Stereo Tapes Taken From Car Parked In City: A total of 21 stereo tapes, valued at $150, were taken from a car in Detroit Lakes Wednesday morning. The car was parked at the Detroit Lakes Vocational-Technical Institute. The left front window was smashed and entry gained by reaching through an opening in the door. In a separate incident, a Motorola tape recorder and tapes were taken from another car in Detroit Lakes on Thursday while the car was parked near Berg Auto Electric.

  • An Untitled Gem (printed just to fill space at the end of a story): Two sheep were grazing in a field. The first sheep said to the second, "Baa." The second sheep replied, "Moo." First sheep: "What do you mean, 'Moo?'" Second sheep: "I'm studying a foreign language."

Excerpts from the Monday, October 12, 1970 Detroit Lakes Tribune

25 Years Ago

  • Courthouse remodeling proves too costly: Major renovation plans for the Becker County Courthouse have been abandoned. The large-scale remodeling project, which was expected to cost a total of almost $3 million, has been downscaled to about $68,000 for 1995. Becker County Coordinator Mike Williams said fear of losing federal and state dollars in the next few years prompted the downscaling.

  • $2,000 stolen from grocery: Frazee police are looking for clues in the weekend burglary of Larson's Jack & Jill food center. About $2,000 was taken from the store's safe, which was heavily damaged in the incident. Among the items missing is a collection of 40-50 Susan B. Anthony and Eisenhower silver dollars.

  • Authorities investigate killing of two bald eagles in region: State and federal authorities are investigating the killing of two bald eagles in west central Minnesota. One bird was killed near Underwood in August, while the second bald eagle was killed north of Perham in late September. The bald eagle is protected by state and federal statutes. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. There are references that both bald eagles were killed with a firearm. Officials do not consider either death to be from natural causes or accidental.

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Excerpts from the Thursday, October 12, 1995 Detroit Lakes Tribune