Holly McCamant: Growing up goes fast, isn’t all that bad

When I was younger, I always wanted to be older. Despite the fact that I really was a young kid, my mind was a little ahead of my time. Older was better, I thought. I wanted to be a high schooler so badly. It's pretty scary how fast it's happened...

When I was younger, I always wanted to be older.

Despite the fact that I really was a young kid, my mind was a little ahead of my time. Older was better, I thought. I wanted to be a high schooler so badly.

It’s pretty scary how fast it’s happened. Not too long ago I was a little seventh grader just trying cross country because the sport was the only thing I was familiar with. It’s strange because I kind of think of people as the grade they were in when I first went up to the high school that year.

That’s kind of a problem since the eighth graders back then are now seniors. The high school is no longer full of older kids but kids my age and younger.

Over the summer, I got the feeling on a trip (I went to my family reunion in Lake Tahoe) that I was kind of being the adult. I wasn’t with my parents from Montana to Lake Tahoe and back. I was constantly relied on to watch my 6-year-old cousin.


Yes, I had relatives all around me, but there was nobody that I had to be with for the majority of the time and there was nobody I needed to check back to. One day I could go to a lake with one group of relatives, the other day I could hike up a small mountain with my cousin, his girlfriend and my uncle.

It was so strange being the responsible one 24/7. I liked it, but I believe I got altitude exhaustion, and so that combined with the responsibility and super long car rides just wore me out. The other factor came in where I didn’t really feel like going to Yellowstone with my parents, but I knew how badly they wanted to go, so I sucked it up. For them, that day was worth it.

Now I’ve started to see that I am slowly taking control of my own life. Of course I have my amazing parents, and I’m glad for it. Occasionally, everybody needs to be taken care of by somebody else. However, there are changes.

First off, I can drive places by myself now. It’s super nice when I don’t have to worry about being a burden to my parents if I want to go somewhere. I can drive into school, which I like, because being on the bus in the morning means waking up earlier, and it’s refreshing to skip the little kids having annoying sounds contests to start my morning. Also, I don’t have to keep my parents waiting after cross country practice if I need to do something.

This change isn’t so recent, but I have jobs. It’s almost been two years since I got this awesome job where I write for the paper every week (formerly biweekly). I also work at the Candy Store in Becker Pet and Garden. I say the Candy Store, because just about every time I’m down there instead of the pet and garden section. No, I don’t have free Saturdays, but my job is fun, and I do need to make money.

Another fun thing that I get to do is teach Sunday school. This is a little scary since it wasn’t that long ago I was in Sunday school myself. Again, I’m the responsible one.

I get to teach fifth grade, and even though most kids my age choose younger kids to work with, I think I got the best age group. I like being able to have real discussions with kids who are somewhat mature.

In cross country, I’m not just a little junior high kid. All of a sudden I’m one of the captains. This is really fun for me, though I’m pretty sure next year I might cry after every meet. I love cross country, and I don’t know for sure if I’ll do it in college, but either way, I will miss the high school sport.


College is now a big deal in my life. Times in track this year really matter because I will stop at nothing to run track at a university. I get excited about things like the fact that I don’t have to take the regular SAT test (note: I still have to take subject tests). ACT scores are now of high importance.

I might go on a college visit soon. There are so many colleges, but I want to go to one that has my major, international relations (you would be surprised how many colleges don’t have this major) and one that has a good track team that I can run on.

In two years, I will be going to a university. I don’t know where, but I’m incredibly excited. I prefer the style of college classes and the freedom. It’s also pretty scary. I never knew I would start to grow up so fast.

Younger kids, enjoy being young. I must say, though, getting older isn’t all bad.

Holly McCamant is a junior at Frazee-Vergas High School.

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