Paid political letter: Becker County Attorney Brian McDonald endorses Sheriff Todd Glander

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Dear citizens of Becker County,

For the past 4 ½ years I have had the privilege to serve as the Becker County Attorney. In this role I work closely with law enforcement to successfully prosecute criminal cases. From this perspective I have observed firsthand the high level of professionalism within the Becker County Sheriff’s Office. The chief deputy, investigators, sergeants, deputies, and support staff are all extremely dedicated and hardworking. Their commitment to excellence and protecting public safety is a testament to the leadership of Sheriff Todd Glander.

With over 34 years of law enforcement experience, Todd Glander is the right choice to ensure that public safety remains a priority here in Becker County.

I am asking you to re-elect Todd Glander on November 8th.

Brian W. McDonald,Becker County Attorney
Detroit Lakes, Minn.