MOORHEAD, Minn. — After battling COVID-19 for 88 days, 53-year-old Nancy Jacobson came home Thursday, July 30. There were some moments during her fight when her family thought she wouldn't make it, but they were finally able to celebrate Nancy's return in a big way.

Her older brothers drove from out west to be there. The family tied balloons to get ready to welcome back sister Nancy, who had been battling COVID-19 since May. Some of that time was spent on a respirator.

"And all this and to survive all this is a miracle, we are just glad to get her home," said family member Maynerd Jacobson.

Some thought this was it, that the coronavirus pandemic would take their Nancy away from them.

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"We did not think she would survive and she has been a miracle," said family member Kim Veen.

But Nancy pulled through and, on Thursday night, family and friends all awaited her return home. Her roommates at her CCRI house, a living facility for people with disabilities, could hardly stand the wait. They also battled COVID-19.

With a Moorhead Police escort of three patrol cars, Nancy finally arrived home. More than 20 cars lined the south Moorhead neighborhood with signs and banners to welcome her back.

Brothers, sisters, family and friends showered her with love. But then, they always have. Nancy was the baby of the family of five children, and she was a part of every moment in the Fertile, Minnesota, family's story.

"The rest of us complicate our lives, run here and run there, but she always was included in everything," Maynerd said.

For her family to see Nancy survive her battle with COVID-19, when things got so razor close, even her rough and tough older brothers can hardly talk about it.

The cars stretched for more than two blocks, much like the arms of those who missed her.

Nancy, who over the years taught her family so much, showed everyone what it's like to be a fighter.