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$34 million for K-3 school? DL Schools building bond is too expensive: Vote no

How much more can government take from the taxpayers of this once-great nation? How much more can we, the taxpayers of this once-great nation be burdened with? How much more can the government take off the tables of our homes, food from our children’s mouths?

Government needs to learn how to spend our hard-earned money that they play with as if it were monopoly money. They need to be more accountable with our money.

A property tax increase due to a new school bond, renovations, etc. … will take food off our tables, food from our children’s mouths.

A $100,000 home value has an increase in property taxes of $132 per year. That’s 33 gallons of milk per year, 88 loaves of bread from that family per year on average. You get it, the higher your home value the more you are going to pay in higher property taxes.

This also applies to businesses, by the way. If you think that we can afford more government spending at a time when our government is broke, our county and local governments are working on shortfall budgets. Let’s be realistic about the issue and think things through.

If we need a few more classrooms, let’s add on to Rossman Elementary to the south. If need be, close the street down between Rossman Elementary and Peoples Park. So be it, no homes on that street anyway. We closed streets down for the community center. I think our children are worth that, aren’t they? Come on, it’s for the kids right?

We have room at Roosevelt Elementary to add on to that school, a few more classrooms. Come on, let’s give fifth grade a “home.” Some of the renovations need to be done so our children are safe, we understand that. Come on, not a $34 million school for kindergarten through third grade.

We don’t build a new home when the roof on our home goes bad — we repair or replace it, because our budget doesn’t allow this.

A K-3 school 1.5 miles out of town is the most ridiculous idea I and several taxpaying citizens of this school district have heard of. This means more spending above and beyond just the school, revamping of County Road 21, Tower Road, turning lanes, new lighting, possibly even directional lights, more police patrols, the list goes on and on.

Many of us taxpaying citizens of this district believe there is a better route to take. Add on to what we have, renovate what we need to renovate, to make it safer for our children, to optimize learning for our children, without breaking the bank.

Get out and vote Nov. 5 on this school bond, and when you are voting ask yourself — seriously, ask yourself — can we afford this? — Rich Grossman, Detroit Lakes