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Eat carefully: Harvard study shows red meat hikes risk of getting breast cancer

A just-released Harvard study of 88,000 women confirms what prior research has already shown: Eating red meat increases breast cancer risk.

Media outlets around the globe have been quick to publish the study and inform women about the danger of eating red meat. But if women are thinking about just trading out burgers for chicken and fish, they need to think again.

All meat and dairy products contain cholesterol, and we know that cancer cells feed on LDL, or “bad cholesterol.”

Many animal products are also loaded with saturated fat, which contributes to obesity, a major risk factor for the disease.

That’s why the American Cancer Society recommends that everyone embrace a plant-based diet. The ACS suggests maximizing our intake of foods that help us fight cancer—fiber-rich grains and beans and phytochemical-packed fruits and vegetables. — Michelle Kretzer, Norfolk, Va.