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Marriage is still one man, one woman

The snowball has rolled down the hill, picking up momentum as it went.  Now it is almost completely at its destination.

What I am talking about is marriage equality.

What has been since the beginning of time is marriage between a man and a woman.

Now it will be for everyone because of our idea of fairness and equality in our society.

As I recall everyone on this earth has a father and a mother.  In a “gay” marriage of two men neither can be a mother, only two fathers; and of two women, neither can be a father, only two mothers.  To procreate we need a womans egg and a male’s sperm, therefore life can be created in this manner, but a woman’s body is needed to bring this life into existence.

But the fact remains that in a family with two men or two women this family will still have two mothers and no father or two fathers and no mother.

This is why marriage would have been the better way to go so a family would be defined as nature designed.

I feel that marriage offered benefits that others did not receive and this is the main reason that people did not want their contract to be called civil unions.  (This was the alleged discrimination — the benefits offered in marriage and not the name civil unions.)

It would have been a better path to follow to have given these benefits to all unions and in this way insure the differentiation between marriage (one man and one woman) and civil unions (two people of the same sex.) — Carol Strache, Frazee