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New lodge formed for Daughters of Norway

A Daughters of Norway Lodge has been newly chartered in Fargo with membership open to women throughout the area. 

Membership is open to women of Nordic descent — Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic or Finnish — or who have or have had a spouse of Scandinavian descent.  They welcome women of Nordic heritage who are interested in promoting and learning about the arts, foods, language, culture and history of Norway.

The mission and purpose of the Daughters of Norway is to unite into a sisterhood, women who wish to preserve Norwegian heritage, maintain among members a knowledge of the history, culture, and language of Norway, and build a strong support system and bond of friendship within the sisterhood.

Their next meeting is Saturday, March 8, at 1 p.m. in the Harwood Community Center in Harwood, N.D. 

For further information, call 701-293-7230.