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Obama Care will be fixed in time

The Republicans and especially the Tea Party are keeping their fingers crossed (and probably their legs also) that President Obama’s healthcare website will not work. They have tried to block healthcare for citizens from day one trying in every way they could figure out. But they did not succeed. They do not even take into consideration the fact that people need protection from being rejected by insurance companies for pre-existing conditions and also need limited out of pocket expenses so they don’t need to go into bankruptcy because they don’t have unlimited income.

I, for one, can understand why the web-site is not working correctly at the present time.

How could anyone expect it to be up and running immediately after the Republicans and Tea-Party threatened a government shutdown because they were opposing “Obama Care”’

This will be fixed in time and needs time to do so, but what we as citizens do not need is certain people to stand in the way of helping citizens purchase healthcare at a reasonable cost. — Carol Strache, Frazee