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A 'thank you' would ease pain of lay-off

More and more employees are being laid off daily. This is a sign of the economy and various other factors. Many of our friends, neighbors and family members share their stories of how they were told they were no longer going to be employed.

Recently I became one of those who could share their experience with the termination process. You are asked to step into the department manager's office and have a chair. You face the department manager and human resources manager as they say the dreaded words that you did not want to hear. There is no emotion showing on their faces as they hand you a folder with your last paycheck, a piece of paper outlining when your benefits will end and information on filing for unemployment.

All of this is part of the process, but there is one very important thing missing... a simple thank you for what you have done for your employer. Those two small words, whether expressed with sincerity or just mouthed with no meaning, would have eased the pain of knowing that you no longer have a job.