It’s the event that always has people going, “Ahhhh,” at the sheer sweetness of it all.

The 10th annual Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Dance is right around the corner, and area dads are busy getting in their RSVPs.

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The dance, which is part of Polar Fest, is set for Friday, Feb. 6, in the Holmes Theatre, Detroit Lakes.

The event kicks off at 6 p.m. and goes until 9 (or earlier if the little sweethearts get tuckered out.)

The dance, which is themed a “Dream Come True,” is a chance for daddies (or grandpas, uncles or special friends) to take their little girls out for some quality daddy-daughter time.

The dance is typically geared for girls age 2-12, but event coordinators say older or younger girls are more than welcome as well.

“As long as they still want to go out on a date like this with dad, they’re more than welcome,” said Becky Mitchell of the Holmes Theatre.

The evening features a grand march of the couples, which moms and spectators are allowed to view. Once photos are taken and a few touching tears are shed, the sweethearts and their dates are whisked off to begin a night of one-on-one bonding.

“It’s so heartwarming to see the little girls just light up, having dad all to themselves for a few hours,” said Mitchell, who says many dads make this event a yearly tradition, while other dads will be trying this out for the first time.

“And some of those dads new to this will sometimes have that deer-in-the-headlight look at first, but no fear, there are a lot of volunteers to help, and it’s a pretty simple, fun event,” said Mitchell.

Crafts will be set up to keep the little girls occupied when they aren’t out on the dance floor with their dates.

“It’s DJ music, so we try to do all the popular, but also appropriate music,” said Mitchell. “And then we’ll also get things like the hokey pokey and the chicken dance going. It’s sweet to watch because some of those veteran dads will get out there and really cut a rug and spin those little girls around and just have a great time with it.”

Mitchell says for the staff that puts the event on every year, this is one of their favorites, as they enjoy watching the little girls’ faces.

“Just to see them looking up so adorningly at their dad, and you can just tell he’s their world…” said Mitchell. “It’s just so hard to carve out times like this where you can dote on your loved ones. There are a lot of sweet memories made there.”

There will also be munchies set up around the dance, which Mitchell says will likely be enough to fill up a little girl for dinner.

“But dads might want to eat a little something before they come,” said Mitchell, who also says apparel for the evening is up to the dads and daughters.

Roughly 400 people, or 200 couples, typically attend the event, and often times dad will bring more than one daughter.

Some come casually dressed, others come dressed to the nines with gowns and tuxes.

“It is what you want to make it,” said Mitchell.

Tickets for the event are $18, sweethearts are $9.

Princess packages are $35, and that includes the price of the sweetheart’s ticket, a photo and a goodie bag for the little girl.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the DLCCC or on the DLCCC website.

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