Western is a literature, film, and television genre. Westerns are primarily set in the American Old West between the late 18th and 19th centuries, and tell the stories of cowboys, settlers, and outlaws exploring the western frontier and taming the Wild West.

A popular modern western series is the "Longmire" series by author Craig Johnson, which was also picked up for television. If you would like to find a good western, the librarians at the Detroit Lakes Public Library would be happy to assist you.

“The Jackals,” by William W. Johnstone.

"The Jackals" by William W. Johnstone is available at the Detroit Lakes Public Library. (Submitted photo)
"The Jackals" by William W. Johnstone is available at the Detroit Lakes Public Library. (Submitted photo)

With Apaches on the prod, ex-cavalry sergeant Sean Keegan, bounty hunter Jed Breen, and ex-Texas Ranger Matt McCulloch take shelter in a West Texas way station — along with a hot-as-a-pistol female bound for the gallows, a spiteful newspaper editor, and a coward with $50,000 who promises them five grand if they’ll deliver his blood-soaked stash to his wife. Turns out, Indians might be the least of the problems for the trio, soon to be known as the Jackals. The loot’s stolen property of the vengeful Hawkin gang, and these prairie rats are merciless, stone-cold killers. And the brother of the man the woman killed wants to butcher her himself rather than watch her swing. McCulloch, Keegan, and Breen are ready for a showdown—but the Jackals may not live to spend that $5,000.

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“Return to Vengeance Creek,” by Robert J. Randisi.

"Return to Vengeance Creek: The Sons of Daniel Shaye" by Robert J. Brandisi is available at the Detroit Lakes Public Library. (Submitted photo)
"Return to Vengeance Creek: The Sons of Daniel Shaye" by Robert J. Brandisi is available at the Detroit Lakes Public Library. (Submitted photo)

Career lawman Daniel Shaye has returned to the town of Vengeance Creek, Ariz., with his two sons, Thomas and James, to take on the jobs of sheriff and deputies. Before long, they find themselves embroiled in cases of murder and revenge. When Red Fleming and his gang come to town to break his brother, Harry Fleming, out of jail, they kill a jailer in the process. Since it was Thomas who arrested Harry, Sheriff Shaye sends his sons out to bring the Fleming brothers back. It's the first time the Shaye brothers have gone out on a manhunt without their father. Meanwhile, Sheriff Daniel Shaye can't leave town because Cole Doucette has been released from prison, and is rumored to be on his way to Vengeance Creek to gain revenge on the man who sent him to jail--Mayor Snow, formerly a district attorney. With the Shaye brothers trailing one gang, and their father, Daniel, waiting for another to arrive in town, the tension is high for the Shaye men, risking their lives to stand behind the symbol of the law they wear on their chests, the badge.

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