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DLMS Fall Band Concert is Thursday, Nov. 16

The Detroit Lakes Middle School bands will present their first concert of the 2017-18 school year this Thursday, Nov. 16.

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands will perform an eclectic variety of music, from marches — both traditional and concert forms — to overtures, show tunes, popular and rock selections, and original programmatic band compositions.

Leading off the program will be the 6th Grade Band, with selections including the "Twin Cities March"; "Adventure on Snake River," which highlights the grandeur of Idaho's Snake River; the original rock selection "Drivin' To That Drummin' Machine"; and "Charterpoint."

Next up is the 7th Grade Band, who will perform a traditional patriotic-themed march, "And To the Republic"; "The Last Ride of the Pony Express," which commemorates the historic Pony Express mail service from the 1860s; a medley of three popular rock songs from The Beatles' catalog; and the "Queenwood Overture."

Last but not least is the 8th Grade Band, who will perform the uplifting "Sounds of Spring," followed by a brand new programmatic piece titled "Enherjar: Warriors of Valhalla," and another brand new work, "Laniakea," and a novelty piece from the TV series/movie "George of the Jungle," before closing the concert with "Sedona."

The evening's selections promise something of interest for any and all tastes in music, according to DLMS band director Paul Dierkhising, who will lead all three ensembles.

The concert will take place at 7:30 p.m. inside the George Simson Auditorium at DLMS. There is no admission charge, and the event is open to all who wish to attend.