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Blue Sky Cowboys set world record at WE Fest for largest game of tippy cup

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Hundreds of tippy cup players lined dozens of long tables suited for the game. Each player had to drink their cup then flip it over onto its opposite end. Emily Driscoll / Tribune2 / 5
Tables for the game extended beyond the big tent. Unfortunately for these players it began to rain while they were taking their turns. Emily Driscoll / Tribune3 / 5
An acoustic country music duo called the T and A Show performed live music during the game. Emily Driscoll / Tribune4 / 5
Facilitators at the game of flip cup tallied 287 participants, qualifying them for the world record. Emily Driscoll / Tribune5 / 5

A late-to-gather crowd of WE Fest goers came together Friday, August 4 to play the world's largest game of tippy cup ever recorded.

Five minutes prior to the game, hundreds poured in to the Blue Sky tent at Northwoods campground to participate.

Facilitators tallied 287 participants, beating the world record by more than 50 people, according to Mark Baker, a member of the Blue Sky Cowboys. The group is known for hosting large parties at WE Fest every year for 30 consecutive years.

Country music duo the T and A Show provided entertainment during the hour long game of tippy cup.

The game, also known as flip cup, is a drinking game comprising two teams. Each team member must drink their cup of beer before flipping it upside down successfully.

The next team member may only start their turn once the previous player's cup is flipped.

It is customary to skip a player who takes more than 30 seconds to flip their cup.

Two people recorded each player taking their turn on video. The recording will act as proof that 287 people were active participants, potentially qualifying them for Guinness World Records and other world record references.

Thunder clapped as suspense grew throughout the competition. An hour passed before the final cup was flipped. The group finished in record time.

Baker said the game cut the previous record low short by 30 minutes, so they may have broken two separate records today.

Stephen Beauclair is the brain behind the idea to set a record that he was determined to beat.

"Looks like it might not be worthy of reporting," he lamented prior to the game.

"We're trying to get to 300, but right now we're not even to 100," he said.

After scavenging the grounds for willing players earlier that morning, the people came.

Luckily for non-drinkers, participants had the option of water instead of beer.

The previous world record for the largest game of flip cup was 200 participants, set by the Chicago Cubs on June 3, 2016.