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Come on down: Forum columnist Nicole Phillips wins car on 'The Price is Right'

Forum columnist Nicole Phillips talks with "The Price is Right" host Drew Carey before spinning the wheel in February. Special to The Forum1 / 7
Forum columnist Nicole Phillips gets ready to spin the wheel during a February taping of "The Price is Right." Special to The Forum2 / 7
"The Price is Right" nametags worn by Forum columnist Nicole Phillips and her friends. Special to The Forum3 / 7
Nicole Phillips (right) stands with friends Amanda Koenecke (left) and Chloe Meston before the taping of "The Price is Right" in February. Special to The Forum4 / 7
Nicole Phillips stands holds the license plate holder for the Mazda CX-3 that she just won along with the sign that was held up on "The Price is Right" stage when contestants get instructed to "Come on down!" Special to The Forum5 / 7
Nicole Phillips is stunned after winning the "Any Number" game while host Drew Carey stands by on "The Price is Right." CBS / Special to The Forum6 / 7
Nicole Phillips won a new car on an episode of "The Price is Right" that aired Friday, April 12. CBS / Special to The Forum7 / 7

ATHENS, Ohio — Like a lot of us, longtime Forum Communications columnist Nicole Phillips grew up watching "The Price is Right" — but unlike most of us, she's getting something besides an hour of game show entertainment out of her fandom.

Phillips, who writes the Kindness is Contagious column for Forum Communications and is married to former North Dakota State University Bison basketball coach Saul Phillips, won a 2019 Mazda CX-3 Sport Crossover SUV and a Nikon camera on a previously recorded episode of the show that aired Friday, April 12, on CBS.

It all began in February on a whim.

"I was going out to L.A. to appear on The Hallmark Channel to talk about kindness with two members of the kindness team (Amanda Koenecke and Chloe Meston)," Phillips says. "We thought, 'Let's do something crazy and fun!'"

Going on "The Price is Right" fit the bill. After getting tickets online, they showed up to the studio where Phillips says the audience was broken up into groups of 20 for quick auditions.

"They just asked, 'Where are you from? What do you do?', those kinds of things," Phillips says. "When I told them I wrote a kindness column in Fargo, N.D., they seemed really surprised and interested. We talked for a long time."

After being seated, Phillips struck up a conversation with a man and his mother sitting behind her. They told Nicole they knew she was going to get chosen for the show. They just had a feeling.

"Her name was Maria and she told me in broken English, 'I'm very good with numbers,'" Phillips says. "She had the sweetest smile when she said that."

Phillips knew she might have an ally, and the columnist was the fourth person chosen to "come on down!"

"The weird thing is it's so loud in there you can't hear anything, so they have cue cards on the stage with your name so you know to go down to Bidder's Row," Phillips says.

Phillips says they were asked to bid on a Nikon camera, so she turned back to new number-savvy friend Maria for guidance.

"She told me to bid $1,000, but the first person bid that, so she told me to bid $1,001," Phillips said. "I told Drew (Carey, the host), 'I hate it when people do this, but I'm going to bid $1,001.' He teased me about that for the rest of the show."

The reluctant bid got her on the stage to play a game called "Any Number" where she eventually won the car. When she spun the big wheel to go to the Showcase Showdown, she was "about a centimeter short" of winning $1,000, but instead another competitor got to move forward. Even so, Phillips says she couldn't believe what happened.

"I was almost hyperventilating backstage," she says. "I kept asking for a drink of water."

Phillips says one of the hardest things about it was keeping everything a secret for three months. She had to sign a contract stating she'd have to forfeit her prizes if word got out about her appearance on the show.

"It was so difficult. I don't know how 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' do it," she says, laughing.

As for her new SUV, the timing couldn't be better. She says they'll have a new driver in the family soon, and with husband Saul losing his coaching job a month ago at Ohio University, they knew they'd be losing the vehicle the school provided.

"I think it's something that weighed on us a bit, that we'd have to invest in a new vehicle," she says. "But it's like God looked down on us and said, 'I got this one.'"

She says she's looking into giving the camera away to someone who might have more use for it and appreciate it. Perhaps even Maria, the numbers whiz.

"I have her son's phone number. I called him after watching the show and said, 'It was so great to see your sweet mom's face on TV,'" she says. "I know I would not have won without her."

Phillips says her experience was full of examples of kindness everywhere she looked. Not surprisingly, she says, she'll probably write about it in an upcoming column for Forum Communications.