MOORHEAD — A retired Moorhead police detective is charged in Clay County District Court with fourth-degree intentional damage to property in connection with vandalism at his former boss's home.

Robert Porter, who was a juvenile case investigator for the Moorhead Police Department before retiring a few years ago, is accused in court documents of causing damage to the home of Lt. Brad Penas, who is head of investigations for the Moorhead Police Department and Porter's former boss.

In court documents, Penas reported to police Jan. 18 that a glass storm door at his home was shattered, adding it was the third time his home had been vandalized. A number of glass balls were found at the residence that were of the kind used in various slingshots and paintball guns. An investigation determined that Porter had purchased that type of ammunition at the Walmart store in Dilworth on Dec. 29, 2018.

On May 17, a search warrant was executed at Porter's south Moorhead home as well as his pickup truck and investigators found a slingshot, a 100-count package of slingshot ammunition, and air pellet ammunition.

Porter told investigators the two at one time were friends but they had a falling out and were no longer friends, court documents state.