Jayne Jones, the 'no-sugar baker' from Detroit Lakes, releases second book

Detroit Lakes native pens second cookbook which features recipes to accommodate those with diabetes

0.jpg"The No Sugar Baker" Jayne Jones and Detroit Lakes native, Jayne Jones has reached a national audience with her blog and recently released her second book.
"The No Sugar Baker" and Detroit Lakes native Jayne Jones has reached a national audience with her blog, first book and recently released her second book.
Courtesy of Jayne Jones
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Two years ago, lawyer and Detroit Lakes native Jayne Jones’ blood glucose was astronomically high, around 600, and she was on the verge of a stroke. She had lost her vision for several weeks. The grim diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes led physicians to give her four years to live if she didn’t change her sugar intake and develop an exercise regimen.

She was only 46 years old.

“I think I ignored all of the signs. I never went to the physician,” Jones said. “So my regular check-ups were replaced by work. I think I found myself at the end of the rope.”

Faced with that grim outlook, Jones got deadly serious about cutting out the sugar and developing an exercise regimen — and she has since lost 60 pounds.

At the height of COVID, Jones was inspired by her daughter, Emily, to start a blog highlighting the recipes her mother made to accommodate her chronic condition, most of them sugarless confectionery.


“January came around and I started making recipes and started to figure out what to do again to get myself back in the kitchen,” Jones said. “Our daughter came home from college COVID and she was like, ‘people really like what you’re posting on your personal FaceBook page.’

Through her blog, which featured recipes along with autobiographical details of Jones’ life, it instantly took off, according to Jones.

“I think people really appreciate, especially women, really appreciate hearing from someone that has lived the experience,” Jones said. “Right? I lived it everyday to understand it. I’m not the fitness model who is sitting there telling you, ‘run around the track and never eat a Snickers Bar again.’ That is not what reality is like.”

With a popular food blog, Jones challenged herself to pen her first cookbook “Healthy Living & No Regrets.” By making the jump from blogger to published author, she found success, being interviewed multiple times by national outlets, and gaining the praise of those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

“Like my parents said, ‘If it helps one person, then you’re doing the right thing.’” Jones said.

In February, Jones released her second book, “Healthy Living & Still No Regrets” which features over 100 more recipes focused on sugarless baking.

“I’m a lawyer by day, scientist-baker at night, the kitchen is really my culinary lab, where I can constantly experiment and work things out,” Jones said.

Jayne Jones's books can be found on her blog at or Amazon.

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