Becker County WARRANTS FOR PUBLICATION Warrants Approved On 05/03/2022 For Payment 05/06/2022 Vendor Name Amount APEX ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. 57,004.25 Lunde Blade‐N‐Gravel 2,120. 2,120.88 ARVIG COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS 3,489. 3,489.04 MINNESOTA DEPT OF CORRECTIONS 102,959. 102,959.82 BJORKLUND COMPENSATION CONSULTING LL 2,100.00 NORMINN INDUSTRIAL LLC 6,895. 6,895.65 BOND TRUST SERVICES CORPORATION 110,21 110,218.75 NYVOLD/MARK D 4,400. 4,400.00 DETROIT LAKES CITY 3,600. 3,600.00 OTTER ELECTRIC LLC 2,200. 2,200.00 ERIEZ MANUFACTURING CO 15,794. 15,794.00 OUT FRONT POWER EQUIPMENT 10,115. 10,115.00 FARGO CITY 7,581. 7,581.26 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT LLC 7,801.81 FRAZEE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPOR 2,500.00 TOSHIBA FINANCIAL SERVICES 3,033. 3,033.40 G & R CONTROLS, INC. 4,782.25 VERIZON WIRELESS 3,031. 3,031.52 GREAT PLAINS TRANSPORTATION SERVICES IN 5,072.88 WEST CENTRAL REGIONAL JUVENILE CENTER 43,989.00 HOMETOWN FIBER 6,500. 6,500.00 ZIEGLER INC. 4,638.31 LAKE AGASSIZ REGIONAL LIBRARY 100,687. 100,687.50 86 Payments less than $2,000 34,537.45 34,537.45 Final Total: 545,052.77 BOARD MEETING AS POSTED BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS DATE: TUESDAY, May 3, 2022, at 8:15 am LOCATION: Board Room, Courthouse Agenda/Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Knutson. Commissioners in attendance: Knutson, Okeson, Nelson, Grimsley and Vareberg, County Administrator Pat Oman and minute taker Amanda Pachel. Pledge of Allegiance. Agenda Confirmation – Motion and seconded approve agenda as presented (Grimsley, Okeson) carried. Minutes – Moved and seconded to approve minutes of April 19, 2022, with the requested changes (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Commissioners: Open Forum: No one was present. Reports and Correspondence: Reports were provided on the following meetings: Commissioner Grimsley: Historical Society, Sunnyside, Transit Committee, and Becker County Food Pantry. Commissioner Okeson: Pelican River Watershed District, West Central Juvenile Center Transit, One Watershed One Plan – Otter Tail, Wannigan Park, and Highway Committee. Commissioner Nelson: Highway Committee, NRM, and Extension. Commissioner Knutson: EDA, NRM, Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste, and Environmental Services Committee. Commissioner Vareberg: Bunell Property. Appointments: Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-1B (with corrected dates) – Reappointment of Jim Olson as Becker County Highway Engineer for the next 4-year term starting January 1, 2023 and ending December 31, 2026 (Okeson, Nelson) carried. County Administrator: presented by Pat Oman Report: CivicsPlus Software, EDA, Fair Board. Motion to approve the following Collective Bargaining Agreements: AFSCME Local 568 Council 65, Department of Highways Contract and MOAs, LELS Local No 391, Becker County Deputies Contract and MOAs, and LELS Local No 419, Sheriff’s Office Non-Licensed – Jail and Dispatch Contract, MOAs, and Grievance Settlement (Okeson, Nelson) carried. The Board acknowledged an email request from Don Wurst and agreed to put it on record at the February 15, 2022 Becker County Board Meeting he was not in favor of approving a Conditional Use Permit for mining operations on parcel 33.0235.000 and 33.0235.004. Finance Committee Minutes: presented by Mary Hendrickson Regular Claims and Auditor Warrants and Over 90 days: 04/19/2022 in the amount of $6,923.93, 04/20/2022 in the amount of $26,364.36, 04/26/2022 in the amount of $469,258.54, Total of $502,546.83. Over 90 Days: Aramark dated 11/30/2021 in the amount of $98.04, invoice just turned in. David Bartlett dated 12/02/2021 in the amount of $660.31, invoice just turned in. Bob Barker dated 01/10/2022 in the amount of $27.94, invoice just turned in. Jiffy Lube dated 11/03/2021 in the amount of $96.97, invoice just turned in. Total of $883.26. Motion to approve paying Auditor warrants and claims over 90 days (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Auditor – Treasurer: presented by Mary Hendrickson Licenses: Motion to approve tubing license renewal – K&K Tubing (Okeson, Grimsley) carried. Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-1A – Patriot Assistance Dog Gambling Permit for Raffle July 11, 2022 at Lakeview Golf Course in Lakeview Township (Nelson, Vareberg) carried. Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-1E – Boys & Girls Club Gambling Permit for Raffle August 6, 2022 at Soo Pass Ranch in Lakeview Township (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Motion to accept March 2022 Cash Comparison and Investment Reports (Nelson, Grimsley) carried. Human Services: presented by Denise Warren Motion to accept Human Services 1st Quarter 2022 Board Reports: Adult Services, Behavioral Health, Child Protection, Child Support, Income Maintenance, Public Health, and Combined (AS, PH, BH) (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Motion to table DHS Managed Care Procurement: Seniors RFP Recommendations and SNBC RFP Recommendations until next meeting. (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Motion to approve Human Services Claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit. (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Highway: presented by Jim Olson Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-1C – Bid Acceptance – West Lake Drive – Phase 2. (Okeson, Grimsley) carried. Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-1G – West Lake Drive Phase 2 – Cooperative Agreement. (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Motion to approve Capital Expenditure Request – Purchase a Raiko T-15 Icebreaker in the amount of $39,172. (Nelson, Okeson) carried. Land Use/Environmental Services: presented by Steve Skoog Environmental Services Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-1D – to hire a Full-Time Solid Waste Transfer Station Operator in the Land Use Department. (Okeson, Vareberg) carried. Motion to approve MDA Cooperative Agreement for Waste Pesticide Collection. (Okeson, Vareberg) carried. Planning & Zoning: presented by Kyle Vareberg Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-1F to hire a Full-Time Zoning Technician/Sewer Inspector. (Nelson, Vareberg) carried. Motion to close the meeting Per 13D.05,Subd. 3(c)(3) the Becker County Board will meet in closed session to develop or consider offers or counteroffers for the purchase or sale of the Highway Department Building and Property 9:34 am (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Motion to reopen the meeting 9:47 am (Nelson, Okeson) Being no further business, Chair Knutson adjourned the meeting at 9:47 am. /s/ Pat Oman, County Administrator /s/Larry Knutson, Board Chair (May 22, 2022) 65819