BOARD MEETING AS POSTED BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS DATE:TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2022, at 8:15 am LOCATION: Board Room, Courthouse Agenda/Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Knutson. Commissioners in attendance: Knutson, Okeson, Vareberg, Nelson, and Grimsley, County Administrator Pat Oman and minute taker Amanda Pachel. Pledge of Allegiance Agenda Confirmation – Motion and second to approve agenda (Grimsley, Okeson) carried. Minutes – Moved and seconded to approve minutes of October 4, 2022, with the requested changes (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Commissioners: Open Forum: None Reports and Correspondence: Reports were provided on the following meetings: Commissioner Okeson: Sheriff Committee and West Central Juvenile Center Commissioner Nelson: Highway Construction Meeting Commissioner Knutson: Fall Timber Sale and MRF Construction Meeting Commissioner Vareberg: No report given at this time. Commissioner Grimsley: Transit and Human Services Committees, Museum, and Land of Dancing Sky Meeting. Appointments: None Board Chair Knutson: Board majority consensus of satisfactory for the review of County Administrator, Pat Oman during closed session. County Administrator: presented by Pat Oman Report: Bargaining unit negotiations starting in November, Township Association Meeting 6:00 pm Thursday, October 20, 2022, Opioid Funding, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Grant. 2023 Budget Review Timeline Probation: Brian Rubenstein, Department of Corrections was present virtually to answer questions regarding the Probation Budget for 2023 Environmental Services/Land Use: Steve Skoog, Department Head was present to answer any questions regarding the Environmental Services/Land Use Budget for 2023 ARPA Project Review – a list of 23 projects that have been funded using ARPA money. Motion and second to approve applying for Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund Grant (Okeson, Grimsley) carried. Motion and second to approve CPR/1st Aid/AED Training invoice in the amount of $7,380.00 to be paid out of ARPA Fund (Vareberg, Okeson) carried. Motion and second to amend purchase agreement date from April 22, 2022, to October 12, 2022 for sale for sale of the highway building (Okeson, Grimsley) carried. Finance Committee Minutes: presented by Mary Hendrickson Regular Claims and Auditor Warrants and Over 90 days: 10/04/2022 in the amount of $28,641.13 10/12/2022 in the amount of $285,044.60 Total of $313,685.73 Over 90 Days: Ballard Sanitation dated 05/12/22 in the amount of $4,100.00, invoice just turned in. League of MN Cities dated 06/30/22 in the amount of $152.75, invoice just turned in. Mark’s Electric dated 04/01/22 in the amount of $202.58, invoice just turned in. Total of $4,455.33 May, June, and July credit card invoices were included in claims. Motion and second to approve payment of regular auditor warrants and claims over 90 days (Okeson, Vareberg) carried. Auditor – Treasurer: presented by Mary Hendrickson Licenses: Motion and second to approve the following Tobacco License – Renewals: Osage Bait & Tackle – Peggy Branstrom – Osage Township, 4 Corners – Kayla Swangler – Erie Township, Richwood Store – Kerry Swiers – Richwood Township, The 59’er – Jackie Collins – Detroit Township, Dollar General – Jason Reiser – Cormorant Township (Okeson, Grimsley) carried. Motion and second to accept the August Cash Comparisons & Sales Tax & Investment Summary (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Human Services: presented by Denise Warren Motion and second to approve Elder Abuse Multidisciplinary Team MOU (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Motion and second to approve Human Services Claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Multi Department Digitizing-Scanning Project: presented by Susan Syvertson – County Recorder Motion and second to approve Digitizing-Scanning County Recorder records in the amount of $235,246.60 (Nelson, Grimsley) carried. Human Resources: presented by Carrie Smith Report: New Employee Orientation Process with Policies to include a history on Becker County, DDA – Technical Assistance, AMC – New Human Resources Directors Mentoring Program, Personnel Policy – Reviewing Leave Policies with Payroll. Leadership Training for Department Heads and Supervisors: scheduling through our Employee Assistance Program. Benefits-Self Care-Wellness Fair: Being held October 19, 2022, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Planning & Zoning: presented by Kyle Vareberg Planning Commission Recommendations from 10/12/2022 Final Plat: Michael D Anderson – Tax ID number 06.3376.002 Motion and second to concur with Planning & Zoning to approve final plat for five (5) riparian lots and one (1) non-riparian lot to be called Ida North Shore Addition (Nelson, Okeson) carried. Change of zone from industrial to commercial: Kevin P Byer – Tax ID number 21.0172.000 Motion and second to concur with Planning & Zoning to approve change of Zone from Industrial to Commercial (Okeson, Vareberg) carried. Conditional use permit for storage: Christopher & Jeanie M Coborn – Tax ID number 21.0185.004 Motion and second to concur with Planning & Zoning to approve Conditional Use Permit for storage with the stipulation that outside storage only be on the west side of the building and that any storage longer than one year be screened from public view (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Road Agreement for the Zurn Feedlot – informational items included in the board packet: Spring Creek Township Supervisor, Vance Jirava and Treasurer, Ryan Groth were both in attendance. Eric and Erica Zurn were also in attendance. Mr. Zurn stated their intent was always to pay for repairs to the road if damage happened during construction. Commissioner Okeson said he would like to see the applicant (Eric and Erica Zurn) and Spring Creek Township sit down together to decide on a mutual road agreement. Being no further business, Chair Knutson adjourned the meeting at 10:10 am. /s/Pat Oman County Administrator /s/Larry Knutson Board Chair (Dec. 7, 2022) 128038