BOARD MEETING AS POSTED BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS DATE: TUESDAY, May 17, 2022, at 8:15 am LOCATION: Board Room, Courthouse Agenda/Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Knutson. Commissioners in attendance: Knutson, Okeson, Nelson, Grimsley and Vareberg, County Administrator Pat Oman and minute taker Amanda Pachel Pledge of Allegiance Agenda Confirmation – Motion and seconded approve agenda as presented (Grimsley, Okeson) carried. Minutes – Moved and seconded to approve minutes of May 3, 2022, with the requested changes (Grimsley, Okeson) carried. Commissioners: Open Forum: No one was present. Reports and Correspondence: Reports were provided on the following meetings: Commissioner Okeson: Wannigan Park, Northwest Communications Board, and Highway Committee Commissioner Nelson: Joint Powers (Red River Basin) Tech Panel Review, Sunnyside Care Commissioner Knutson: Courthouse Committee & Sheriff’s Committee Commissioner Vareberg: Nothing to report Commissioner Grimsley: Historical Society Meeting & Human Services Committee Appointments: None County Administrator: presented by Pat Oman Report: Roy Smith, County Surveyor resigning July 1st & Museum Construction Meeting Motion to approve ARPA Project Award for Becker County Fair to fund 2 projects (kitchen & bathroom) in the amount of $96,856 (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Motion to accept Valley Petroleum underground diesel tank removal from the alley behind the courthouse in the amount of $7,750 (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Motion to approve the following Collective Bargaining Agreements: Human Services Supervisors Association Contract and MOAs & LELS Supervisors Contract and MOAs (Okeson, Grimsley) carried. Finance Committee Minutes: presented by Mary Hendrickson Regular Claims and Auditor Warrants and Over 90 days: 04/29/2022 in the amount of $369,248.05, 05/03/2022 in the amount of $35,853.49, 05/10/2022 in the amount of $41,056.24, Total of $446,157.78. Over 90 Days: Dakota Supply Group 3 dated Oct 2021 in the amount of $784.24, invoice just turned in. Jack Chivers Realty dated 06-23-2021 in the amount of $375.00, invoice just turned in. MidStates Wireless dated 12-23-2021 in the amount of $3,616.00, invoice just turned in. Total of $4,775.24. Motion to approve paying Auditor warrants and claims over 90 days (Okeson, Nelson) carried. County Attorney: presented by Mary Hendrickson (as part of Finance) Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-2I – to hire a Full-Time Assistant County Attorney (Nelson, Vareberg) carried. Auditor – Treasurer: presented by Mary Hendrickson Licenses: Motion to approve Temporary 1-4 day On-Sale Liquor License – Detroit Mountain Recreation Area – Jeffrey Staley – July 2, 2022 in Erie Township (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Motion to approve tubing license renewal – Charlie’s Ottertail Tubing – Charles & Kathy Pihlaja – Erie Township (Nelson, Okeson) carried. Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-2B – to hire a Full-Time DMV Licensing Clerk (Nelson, Okeson) carried. Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-2D – to hire a Part-Time Cashier (Nelson, Grimsley) carried. Human Services: presented by Denise Warren Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-2A – to hire a Full-Time Child Support Officer (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Motion to approve Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service Agreement with Medica (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Motion to approve Healthcare Procurement: Seniors (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Motion to approve Healthcare Procurement: SNBC (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Healthcare Procurement: Families and Children – will be at next meeting. Motion to approve Human Services Claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit. (Grimsley, Vareberg) carried. Information Technology: presented by Stacie White Motion to approve Resolution 5-22-2C – to hire a Full-Time IT Support Technician (Okeson, Vareberg) carried. Recorder: presented by Susan Syvertson Motion to approve charging a recording fee of $20.00 for Ordination Certificates/Papers (Nelson, Okeson) carried. Assessor: presented by Lisa Will Motion to approve -$4,208.00 abatement on PIN 49.1681.734 due to being a vacant land-no house (Grimsley, Okeson) carried. Highway: presented by Jim Olson Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-2H – MnDOT Master Partnership Agreement (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Motion to authorize the Board Chair to sign closing documents with Probity Properties LLC to include leaseback agreement (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Sheriff’s Office: presented by Sheriff Todd Glander Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-2E - for approval to sell and purchase ATV (ATV Grant) – low quote Okeson Offtrail Sales in the amount of $8,599.00 (Grimsley, Okeson) carried. Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-2F – to hire a Full-Time Correctional Officer (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Motion to approve Resolution 05-22-2G – Amendment #10 Summit Agreement (Okeson, Vareberg) carried. Motion to approve the 2022 State of Minnesota Federal Boating Safety Supplemental Patrol Grant Contract Agreement (Okeson, Grimsley) carried. Land Use/Environmental Services: presented by Steve Skoog Environmental Services Child Care Grant Application – Information Planning & Zoning: presented by Kyle Vareberg Motion to add Gerald Wettles Tax ID Number 19.0748.000 to the agenda (Grimsley, Okeson) carried. Motion to postpone acting on Gerald Wettles Conditional Use Permit for mining operations for up to 60 days to gather more information on wetland delineation and total area (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Planning Commission Recommendations 05/10/2022: Conditional Use Permit Requests: Storage Units: Michael Hjeldness & Dana Hjeldness Tax ID Number 19.0748.000 Move to approve Conditional Use Permit for Storage Units as recommended by the Planning & Zoning Commission with the stipulation of no outside storage and the stipulation set by the Board: limit of 20, if allowable can return to board to request an increase (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Event Center: Dunnigan Homes Chapel LLC Tax ID Number 02.0171.002 Move to approve Conditional Use Permit to operate am event center as recommended by the Planning & Zoning Commission (Okeson, Grimsley) carried. Pet Grooming Business: Keith M & Brandy L Johnson Tax ID Number 02.0230.002 Move to approve Conditional Use Permit to operate a pet grooming business as recommended by Planning & Zoning Commission according to their business plan (Okeson, Vareberg) carried. Preliminary Plat: Residential Subdivision: Bradley Olek Tax ID Number 02.0226.004 and Donald S Goering Tax ID Number 02.0226.000 – Information on preliminary plat for nine (9) lots to be called, Don’s Angels Addition Multi-Unit Storage Structure Development: Grimes LLC Tax ID Number 19.0548.000 – Information on preliminary plat for a multi-use storage structure development. Final Plat: Multi-Unit Storage Development: Amy J Ruley Tax ID Number 17.0079.001 – Information on final plat for multi-unit storage structure development. 3rd Supplemental Plat for a Common Interest Development: SNBA Development LLC Tax ID Number 17.0393.000 – Information on a 3rd supplemental plat for a common interest development for sixteen (16) units (unit 15 and units 24-38). Motion to approve We Fest 2022 Conditional Use Event Plan – making sure prior to the event We Fest has contracts signed with the Fire Department, State Patrol, and Highway Department (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Being no further business, Chair Knutson adjourned the meeting at 10:06 am./s/ Pat Oman, County Administrator /s/Larry Knutson, Board Chair (June 19, 2022) 74378