REGULAR MEETING AS POSTED - BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: TUESDAY, February 16, 2021 at 8:15 a.m., Board Room, Courthouse. Agenda/Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Nelson. Commissioners in attendance: Nelson, Knutson, Okeson, Grimsley, and Vareberg; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, and Minute Taker, Cindy Courneya (Virtually). Pledge of Allegiance. Approved the agenda with the following changes: Under County Administrator: Add: #4: Extension on Sale of Minimum Security Facility, and Under Highway: #1: MnDOT LRIP Grant Requests: Add: Support of LRIP Grant Application by Burlington and Lakeview Townships: Resolution 02-21-2R. Approved the changes to the minutes of February 2nd, 2021, with the requested changes. Commissioners: Open Forum: Joe Stenger, a resident of Detroit Lakes, spoke in opposition to the One-Watershed/One Plan (1W-1P). Duane Erickson with the Wild Rice Watershed District (WRWD) Board of Managers noted that initially he was in favor of the 1W-1Plan; however, due to concerns and questions regarding the cost, he voted against it. Reports and Correspondence: Reports and updates were provided as follows: Commissioner Knutson: Planning and Zoning meeting, Courthouse Committee, Finance Committee meeting, and Sheriff's Committee meeting. Commissioner Okeson: Sheriff's Committee and Historical Society & Museum Building Committee. Commissioner Nelson: MN Rural Counties (MRC) Conference Call and Finance Committee meeting. Commissioner Vareberg: Human Services Committee. Commissioner Grimsley: Human Services Committee, Becker County Historical Society & Museum and attended a meeting with nine (9) townships relative to the two-mile extraterritorial issue, along with Commissioner Knutson, County Surveyor, Roy Smith, and Planning and Zoning Director, Kyle Vareberg. Commissioner Grimsley reported that he was recently appointed to serve on the MCIT Board. With no cost to the County, no formal action was needed or taken by the Board. County Administrator, Mike Brethorst: Noted that contracts for the Historical Society & Museum Building Project are almost complete and will be brought forward to the Board at the next Board meeting for approval. Appointments: Appointed Jon Olson to the Zoning Ordinance Review Board, to serve a three-year term representing District 2. Reappointed Ray Thorkildson to the Planning Commission, to serve another three-year term representing District 1. County Administrator: One Watershed-One Plan (1W-1P) - Buffalo Red River: Resolution 02-21-2C: Discussion was held regarding the One Watershed-One Plan for the Buffalo-Red River and Wild Rice-Marsh River, with Bryan Malone, Becker County Soil & Water Conservation District (BCSWCD) Director and Ed Clem, BCSWCD Resource Technician. Also in attendance were Duane Erickson, Wild Rice Watershed District Board Manager, along with Board Conservationist, Peter Waller, from the Board of Soil & Water Resources (BSWR) attending virtually. Approved Resolution 02-21-2C, to Adopt and Implement the Buffalo-Red River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan, with removal of Paragraph 6 of said Resolution; and to begin implementation of the approved Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for the area of the County identified within the Plan. Approved the Buffalo-Red River Watershed Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan - Implementation Agreement by and between Becker, Clay, Otter Tail, and Wilkin Counties and Becker, Clay, West Otter Tail, and Wilkin Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District. One Watershed-One Plan - Wild Rice-Marsh River: Resolution 02-21-2Q: Approved Resolution 02-21-2Q, to Adopt and Implement the Wild Rice-Marsh River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan, with removal of Paragraph 6 of said Resolution; and to begin implementation of the approved Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for the area of the County identified within the Plan. Approved the Wild Rice-Marsh River Watershed Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan - Implementation Agreement by and between Becker, Clay, Clearwater, Mahnomen, Norman and Polk Counties and Becker, Clay, Clearwater, Mahnomen, Norman, and East and West Polk Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and the Wild Rice-Marsh River Watershed District. Becker Museum - Funding Allocation Plan: Becker County Historical Society & Museum Building Campaign: Executive Director, Becky Mitchell was present: Information was provided relative to Becker County's $1.1 million dollar pledge for the Becker County Society & Museum Building Campaign, with three options presented, which included 2, 3, and 4-year payout options. Approved Option 2 for a 3-year payout, as presented; with payout amounts as follows: Year 1 @ $775,000.00, Year 2 @ $162,500.00, Year 3 @ $162,500.00, for a total amount of $1.1 million. Approved an additional Extension for the Sale of the Minimum-Security Jail until March 31, 2021. Finance Committee Minutes: Approved the Regular Claims, Auditor Warrants, and Over-90-Day Claims, as presented: Auditor's Warrants (Tuesday Bills): 02/02/2021 in the amount of $19,447.80, 02/09/2021 in the amount of $919,398.75, for a total amount of $938,846.55. Over-90-Day Claims: MN Highway Safety & Research - dated 11/05/2020 in the amount of $1,335.00 (invoice just received); Nardini Fire Equipment - dated 10/30/2020 in the amount of $221.17 (invoicing discrepancy for multiple departments); Sanford - dated 10/30/2020 in the amount of $30.00 (invoice just received); Ms. Ecker - reviewing Itasca Mantrap Dividend 2020. Approved to complete Motor Vehicle Electronic Vehicle Title Registrations (EVTR) within the Becker County Motor Vehicle Department, as presented, pending State confirmation on funding, and with final review and approval by the Finance Committee. Information was provided relative to the request to solicit an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) to purchase a full financial package, as the current AS400 system is at the "end of life". This will be worked through committee as the dollar amount is significant. Approved the Daycare - Grant Proposal; to make $1,000.00 grants available for licensed childcare providers in Becker County, as discussed. Auditor-Treasurer: Licenses and Permits: Approved Resolution 02-21-2A, to approve the Gambling Application for Exempt Permit to conduct a Raffle for the Cormorant Lions Club on August 21, 2021, for operations at the Cormorant Community Center, 10929 County Highway 5, Pelican Rapids, MN, in Cormorant Township. County Attorney - Request to Replace Office Management System/ Software: Approved the request to replace Office Management System Software; to purchase a Case Management System Pbk (2-Year Option) by Karpel at the total amount of $91,325.00 (10% cost to initiate project with remaining due at completion), with an estimated amount of $34,000.00 taken from the General Fund for said purchase. Transit - Personnel Request - Two (2) Part-time Transit Bus Drivers: Resolution 02-21-2B: Approved Resolution 02-21-2B, to fill two part-time Transit Bus Driver positions through the regular hiring process, due to two resignations. Sheriff: Approved Resolution 02-21-2E, to hire a full-time Correctional Officer position through the normal hiring process and if this position creates a part-time vacancy, then to fill that position using the most recent internal/external list or to re-advertise, if necessary. Approved the renewal of the Motorola Service Agreement in the amount of $11,149.86 with Motorola Solutions, Schaumburg, Illinois, effective January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. Lifesaver Awards - Sheriff Todd Glander presented, along with MN-DNR Conservation Officers, Jake Swedberg and Bill Landmark: Sheriff Todd Glander presented a record of the life-saving event that took place on August 9, 2020, noting that on the second day of recovery efforts for a young man who had drowned in Detroit Lakes, a storm front was moving into Becker County. At approximately 2:47 p.m., the Becker County Sheriff's office responded to a 911 call from a 58-year-old man whose canoe had capsized due to the increased winds on Tamarac Lake in Height of Land Township in Becker County. Communications Officer, Lynn Schulberg received the initial 911 call and remained on the phone with the male while he was floating, providing reassurance and support. Fire Chief Ryan Swanson and Deputy Adam Douglas arrived at the access, and although did not have a boat, drew the attention of Jeff Friesen and Christine Hoffart who were on the lake fishing and who then responded to the access. Deputy Douglas got in the boat with Friesen and Hoffart and made their way to the male, pulling him to safety in their boat. Chief Swanson remained on shore to assist the male when they arrived. When safely at the access, the male was treated by EMS and first responders for potential hypothermia and then transported by Deputy Douglas to the Becker County Sheriff's Office where a friend was meeting to pick him up. Sheriff Todd Glander and Officers from the MN-DNR presented each of the following individuals with a Becker County Lifesaver Award, recognizing and thanking each of them for their lifesaving efforts: Deputy Adam Douglas, Communications Officer Lynn Schulberg, Jeff Friesen, Chief Ryan Swanson, and Christine Hoffart, who was unable to be present today. Sheriff Todd Glander noted that their "quick response and successful efforts were instrumental in saving this man's life, and that these lifesaving awards are well deserved". Following, the Board congratulated and thanked the recipients for their lifesaving efforts, and their family and friends for their support as well. Human Services: Approved the Amendment to the County Participation Agreement with UCARE MN; the payment exhibit containing reimbursement provisions for Public Health Nurse Home visits as amended, with an increase of $70.00 for covered services provided to MN Health Care Programs Enrollees, effective April 1, 2021. Approved the Addendum to the Purchase of Service Agreement with Rural MN CEP, Inc., effective January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021, for providing services authorized under the MN Family Investment Program (MFIP) including the Diversionary Work Program (DWP), with a change in the total allocation to $276,245.00. Approved Amendment One to the Medica Health Plans - Transportation Agreement which was effective May 1, 2020; to modify the Unassisted, Assisted, and Wheelchair Transportation rates, as presented, with the amendment effective January 1, 2021 - April 30, 2021, or 60 days after expiration of the peacetime emergency declared by the Governor that relates to COVID-19, and then with those rates to revert to the previously agreed upon rates. Approved the Purchase of Service Contract with Lakeland Mental Health Center, effective January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021; to purchase mental health services from the Center, for adults and children, in accordance with the Comprehensive Mental Health Act, and with revised language changes to Page 2, #3, as discussed. Approved Resolution 02-21-2D, to hire a full-time Social Worker through the normal hiring process and if filling this vacancy creates another vacancy in the department, to then fill that vacancy also. Approved the Human Services claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit, as presented. Land Use Department - Environmental Services: Approved the purchase of a 2020 McNeilus Meriden 40 CY Front-Loading (FL) Compactor Truck (box mounted on a 2020 Peterbilt Chassis) at the low quote of $219,915.00, plus applicable sales tax and transfer costs, for a total cost of $234,262.00, from McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc., Dodge Center, MN. Land Use - Parks & Recreation: Approved the submittal of the Preliminary Design and Planning Proposal, to be prepared by APEX Engineering Group in Detroit Lakes, at a cost of $12,500.00, for the CSAH 22 Trail - CSAH 6 to the River, for grant consideration to the Partnership4Health. Becker County Soil & Water Conservation District - Marsha Watland and BCSWCD Director, Bryan Malone, presented: Marsha Watland presented an overview of the Becker County Agricultural Inspector - 2020 Annual Report & Workplan Summary. Accepted the Becker County Agricultural Inspector - 2020 Annual Report & Workplan Summary, as presented. Marsha Watland also presented information relative to the MN Hemp Program and a letter from the MN Department of Agriculture, seeking "volunteers" to help with hemp inspections in the future, noting this would be totally voluntary and unpaid. Ms. Watland estimated that she would need approximately 10-20 hours to complete the six sites' inspections and requested approval to participate. Discussion followed with concerns noted over the State not providing compensation related to the Hemp inspections. Approved to not enter into an agreement at this time with the State of MN - Department of Agriculture, for the Becker County Soil & Water Conservation District to assist with Hemp Inspections, unless the State provides compensation to complete the inspections. Highway: Approved the following resolutions, as presented, to approve Becker County's Support of Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) Grant Applications by the following townships, and for Becker County to be the project sponsor; to include a willingness to secure and guarantee the local share of costs associated with these projects and responsibility for seeing these projects through to their completion, with compliance of all applicable laws, rules, and regulations: Resolution 02-21-2G: Audubon Township - Paving of Maple Ridge Road and Sugar Island Road; Resolution 02-21-2H: Callaway Township - Culvert Replacement and Regrading of Spry Road; Resolution 02-21-2I: Detroit Township - Reconstruction of Highland Drive between State Highway 34 and Randolph Road; Resolution 02-21-2J: Lake Eunice Township - Road Improvements on Buckthorn Road and on East Pearl Lake Road; Resolution 02-21-2K: Lake View Township - Road Improvements on Fern Beach Drive; Resolution 02-21-2L: Sugar Bush Township - Road Improvements on Mary Yellowhead Road and on North Sugar Bush Heights Road; Resolution 02-21-2M: Two Inlets Township - Bituminous Mill and Overlay Work on Two Inlets Drive; Resolution 02-21-2N: Carsonville Township - Culvert Replacement, Regrading Work and other Road Improvements on Guyles Road; Resolution 02-21-2O: Spruce Grove Township - Road Improvements on 520th Avenue; Resolution 02-21-2R - Burlington and Lake View Townships - Road Improvements on 290th Avenue. Approved Resolution 02-21-2F, to advertise for and hire three (3) part-time Seasonal Maintenance Workers and one (1) part-time Engineering Intern. Approved Resolution 02-21-2P, as presented: Authorizing and Directing the Acquisition of Certain Real Property Interests in Detroit Lakes, Becker County, MN through the Exercise of Eminent Domain relative to the West Lake Drive Project. County Surveyor - Becker County Townships Subdivision relative to Two-Mile Territory: Phil Hanson from Lake View Township provided an update on the six (6) townships affected by the 2-Mile Extraterritorial issue and provided an outline and summary of meetings held, timeline, and the status of hiring an attorney to work through the process with the City of Detroit Lakes. He reported that the townships would like to take back control of the area and develop one ordinance that mirrors the County's as long as the County will do a review. Commissioner Grimsley suggested the Townships continue working with the City to resolve the issue and to hopefully come to an agreement on the two-mile radius and subdivision ordinances. Commissioners Vareberg and Knutson noted their support of the township's efforts. Approvedcontinued discussions with the townships and to continue efforts to develop a possible contract with the townships, for Becker County to provide Planning and Zoning services related to the subdivision ordinances and regulations within the two-mile extraterritorial radius. Being no further business, Board Chair Nelson adjourned the meeting. Following, photos were taken of the commissioners and full Board, to update the photos on the website, etc. A Highway WorkSession/Working Lunch then followed with the commissioners, County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, and Highway staff present for continued discussion on the proposed new Public Works Facility. /s/ Michael M. Brethorst, County Administrator; /s/ Barry Nelson, Board Chair.
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