TUESDAY, February 4, 2020 at 8:15 a.m., Board Room, Courthouse. Agenda/Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Grimsley. Commissioners in attendance: Grimsley, Nelson, Okeson, Knutson, and Skarie; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, and Minute Taker, Cindy Courneya. Pledge of Allegiance. Approved the agenda, as presented. Approved the minutes of January 21, 2020, with the requested changes. Commissioners: Open Forum: County Attorney, Brian McDonald, introduced the newly hired Becker County Assistant Attorney, Matt Jorud. Mr. Jorud provided information on his background and experience. The Board thanked them for coming today and welcomed Mr. Jorud. Reports and Correspondence: The Commissioners reported on the following meetings: Commissioner Okeson: Pelican River Watershed District (PRWD); Commissioner Knutson: Environmental Services Committee and Natural Resources Management (NRM) Committee; Commissioner Nelson: Natural Resources Management (NRM) Committee and Becker County Soil & Water Conservation District; Commissioner Skarie: Lakeland Mental Health (LMH) Board, Fair Board, and Jail Diversion Committee; Commissioner Grimsley: Sunnyside Board and Finance Committee meeting; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, spoke in reference to possible streamlining of out-of-state travel policies, cell phone reimbursements, and his recent MACA training. He also reported on his attendance at a meeting with the City of Detroit Lakes, along with Commissioner Knutson, for discussion on the purchase of land from the City for the proposed new public works facility. He noted his attendance at union mediation services meetings. There was a brief discussion on County memberships to various entities with it recommended to review the list in June as part of the budget process. Appointments: Reappointed Roger Boatman to the Board of Adjustments, to serve another 3-year term, representing District 5. Finance Committee Minutes: Approved the Regular Claims and Auditor Warrants, as presented: Auditor’s Warrants (Tuesday Bills): 01/17/2020 in the amount of $631,754.10, 01/20/2020 in the amount of $23,657.89 (Cost-Effective), 01/21/2020 in the amount of $616.88, 01/22/2020 in the amount of $13,858.11, 01/28/2020 in the amount of $200,289.69, for a total of $870,176.67. Auditor-Treasurer: Licenses and Permits: Approved the Combination On/Off Sale (Includes Sunday Sales) Liquor License Renewal for Back Woods, ICL, LLC – Ice Cracking Lodge in Round Lake Township. Accepted the December 2019 Cash Comparison and Investment Summary, as presented. Approved the 2019 Audit-Revised Engagement Letter to hire Clifton Larson Allen (CLA), for CLA to also prepare the 2019 Financial Statement due to the accountant vacancy at Becker County, at a cost of up to $10,345.00. Mahube-OTWA: Family Homeless Prevention and
Assistance Program – Marcia Otte, Family Development Director presented: Approved Resolution 02-20-1B, as presented, that Becker County supports the Mahube-OTWA Community Action Partnership, Inc., “Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program - Homework Starts at Home” Grant (effective October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2022). Sheriff: Approved Resolution 02-20-1E, to hire a full-time Public Safety Communication Officer, due to a resignation, and through the normal hiring process, and if filling that vacancy creates another vacancy in the department, to then fill that vacancy also. Transit: Approved Resolution 02-20-1D, to approve the sale of the Transit 2008 Ford E450 Bus via Auction Block at 587 Main Street, Audubon, MN. Approved Resolution 02-20-1A, to hire a part-time Driver- Dispatcher for the Transit Department, due to a vacancy, and through the normal hiring process, and if filling that vacancy creates another vacancy in Transit, to then fill that vacancy also. Highway: Approved Resolution 02-20-1F, to accept completed Project Number SAP 003-635-007, etc. consisting of Milling, Reclaiming, Bituminous Surfacing and Aggregate Shouldering for CSAH 35, CSAH 37, CSAH 58 and CR 117 and to authorize final payment in the amount of $257,331.15 to Mark Sand and Gravel of Fergus Falls, MN. Planning & Zoning: Approved and adopted Ordinance No. 02-04-2020-1, an “Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance dated January 22, 2019, and Adopting Rules for Appeals to District Court and Denials Procedures”; hereby enacted and approved this 4th day of February 2020, effective upon its publication, or upon publication of a summary of the ordinance by MN Statutes 375.51, and as follows: a. Amendment – Chapter 8: Permits and Applications Review Processes: Section 11 - Conditional Use Timeline Requirements for previously denied applications – Conditional Use Permits hereby adds subparagraph J and titled Denied Application; b. Amendment – Chapter 9: Conditional Use Appeal Process – Violations, Enforcement, Fees and Appeals: Section 4 Appeals hereby adds subparagraph J and titled Appeal to District Court. Human Services: Approved the out-of-state training for Public Health employee, Natasha Mertens, R.N., to attend the required 2020 Nurse-Family Partnership Training in Denver, Colorado, at a cost of up to $7,555.00, for the dates of March 2-6, 2020, which also includes travel dates, and with all costs reimbursed by the MECHV Grant. Accepted the Human Services Quarterly Reports (4 th Quarter), as presented, for Adult Services, Behavioral Health, Children & Family Services, Child Support, Income Maintenance, Public Health, and Combined (AS, PH, BH). Approved the Human Services claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit, as presented. Land Use – Natural Resources Management (NRM): Approved Resolution 02-20-1C, as presented, that Becker County approves the sale of 79 acres of tax forfeited non-conservation land on the Straight River (Parcel #13.7001.000) for the approved market value of $73,800.00 to the MN Department of Natural Resources (MN-DNR), to expand an Aquatic Management Area (AMA). It was noted that Becker County will still receive PILT payment, in lieu of Tax payment. Land Use – Environmental Services: Approved the Amendment to the Concrete Crushing Contract with Hanson Custom Crushing, at an additional cost of $16,500.00, to crush concrete chunks with rebar in it. It was noted that the project cost with the proposed project amendment is less than the next lowest bidder responding to the initial RFP. Human Resources: Approved Resolution 02-20-1G, as presented, to create and
hire two (2) part time (.70) FTE Maintenance Technician positions from the applicant pool and if filling this position creates a vacancy within the department, to then backfill as needed, and to also eliminate a part-time custodial position, as more than one qualified applicant (Maintenance Technician) is seeking and/or willing to accept a part-time position, as referenced in Resolution 12-19-2J, approved at the Board meeting on December 17, 2019. Becker County Soil & Water Conservation District: Karl Koenig presented an overview of the 2019 Becker County Aquatic Invasive Species Program Report, 2020 AIS Program Workplan, and the 2020 MN-DNR AIS Inspection Delegation Agreement. Approved the MN-DNR Delegation Agreement with Becker County for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention and Inspection of Water-Related Equipment, as presented, effective on the date of final signature of said agreement and expiring on December 31, 2020. Marsha Watland presented an overview of the Becker County Agricultural Inspector – 2019 Annual Report & Workplan Summary, along with the 2020 Noxious Weed List. In addition, she also presented Resolution 02-20-1H, asking the Board of Commissioners to approve adding Invasive Phragmites to the 2020 Becker County Noxious Weed List, as discussed, and to also request that the MN Commissioner of Agriculture approve the 2020 Becker County Noxious Weed List with this addition. Approved Resolution 02-20-1H, that the Becker County Board of Commissioners approves that Non-Native Phragmites (Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin.Ex Steud.subsp. Australis) be added to the 2020 Becker County Noxious Weed List and to request that the MN Commissioner of Agriculture approve the 2020 Becker County Noxious Weed List. Being no further business, Board Chair Grimsley adjourned the meeting. Michael M. Brethorst, County Administrator; Ben Grimsley, Board Chair.
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