REGULAR MEETING AS POSTED - BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: TUESDAY, June 1, 2021 at 8:15 a.m., First Floor - Board Room, Courthouse. Agenda/Minutes: Meeting brought to order by Board Chair Nelson. Commissioners in attendance: Nelson, Knutson, Okeson, Grimsley, and Vareberg; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, and Minute Taker, Cindy Courneya. Pledge of Allegiance. Approve agenda with the following change: Under Finance/Regular Agenda: Add: Sheriff: #3: JPA for Amendment to the Institution Community Work Crew (ICWC) Services: Resolution 06-21-1E. Approved minutes of May 18, 2021 with requested changes. Commissioners: Open Forum: No one was present. Reports and Correspondence: Reports were provided on the following meetings: Commissioner Vareberg: Fair Board meeting; Commissioner Grimsley: Lake Agassiz Regional Library (LARL), Sunnyside, Becker County Historical Society, Transit Committee, and Development Achievement Center (DAC); Commissioner Okeson: Sheriff's Committee meetings, Transit Committee, and Joint Airport meeting; Commissioner Nelson: Becker County Soil & Water Conservation District, Natural Resources Management (NRM), Sunnyside, Zoning Ordinance Review Committee, and Lakeland Mental Health. He also noted that the AMC District 4 Spring meeting will be held in Fergus Falls on June 18th and the Becker County Fair will take place on July 28-31st; Commissioner Knutson: NRM, Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority (PLMSWA) meetings (Finance and Regular), Environmental Affairs Committee, Sheriff's Committee, Economic Development Authority (EDA), and Finance Committee; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, provided an update on space needs, Finance software and software for the County Attorney's office. He reported that Becker County has received half of the allocation of ARP funds so far ($3.3 million). He also noted an upcoming meeting with Arvig and that EDA is in support of distributing ARP funds to the hotel and hospitality related businesses, if needed. There is an upcoming meeting scheduled for June 22nd with the townships relative to the processing and distribution of ARP funds. He has spoken with Roger Winter regarding the possibility of a joint partnership between Becker County and the townships; to hire someone temporarily to assist with the processing and distribution of the ARP funds. Chair Nelson also noted that there may be Federal funding coming available for Broadband. Appointments: There were none. County Administrator: Mike Brethorst, presented an update with financing options available for the Highway Building and Recycling Building Bond, noting cash balances as of May 2021. He also provided an update with options for the total $11,070,000.00 General Obligation Bonds, Series 2021A and discussion followed. It was the consensus to work through the Finance Committee once the actual numbers are known. Otter Tail - One Watershed/One Plan (1W1P) - Memorandum of Agreement (MOA): Approved the adoption of the Otter Tail - One-Watershed/One Plan (1W-1P) Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), as presented. Carried 3-2 with a roll call vote called and taken: Knutson - Nay; Grimsley - Nay; Okeson - Yay; Nelson - Yay; Vareberg - Yay. Finance Committee Minutes: Auditor-Treasurer: Approved the Regular Claims, Auditor Warrants, and Over-90-Day Claims, as presented: Auditor's Warrants (Tuesday Bills): 05/17/2021 in the amount of $666.68; 05/19/2021 in the amount of $234,455.12; 05/20/2021 in the amount of $24,511.61 (Cost-Effective); 05/25/2021 in the amount of $670.39; 05/26/2021 in the amount of $199,748.87 for a total of $460,052.67. Over-90-Days: Interstate Power Systems - dated: 12/07/2020 in the amount of $6,298.62 (invoice just turned in); McKesson - dated: 09/30/2020 & 02/25/2021 in the amount of $648.22 (invoice just turned in); MRI Software - dated: 11/30/2020 to 02/28/2021 for $1,596.00 (invoice just received); SMDC Clinical - dated: 01/03/2021 & 02/02/2021 for $1,221.04 (invoice just received). Approved the Human Services Claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit, as presented. Approved Resolution 06-21-1E, as presented, to approve the amended MN-Department of Corrections - Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) to house State Institution Community Work Crew (ICWC) inmates at the Becker County Jail with the amendments to include: not to exceed $450,000 for FY 2022 and with the Agreement extended one year, now expiring June 30, 2022. Auditor-Treasurer: Licenses & Permits: Approved the Tobacco Licenses (New) for: Big Elbow Lake Lodge and Campground, LLP - Round Lake Township; Dirty Jeans, LLC - dba Tri-Lakes Roadhouse - Cormorant Township. Approved the Wine & Strong Beer License (New) for Big Elbow Lake Lodge and Campground, LLP - Tonya Beckman - Round Lake Township. Approved the 3.2 On/Off-Sale (New) for Big Elbow Lake Lodge and Campground, LLP - Tonya Beckman - Round Lake Township. Transit: Approved Resolution 06-21-1A, as presented, to enter into the State of MN agreement to provide public transportation services in Becker County, with Becker County to provide a local share of up to 15% of the total operating cost, up to 20% of total capital costs and 100% of the local share necessary for expenses that exceed funds available from the State. County Attorney: Approved Resolution 06-21-1B, to hire one (1) full-time Legal Assistant through the normal hiring process, due to a resignation. Sheriff: Approved Resolution 06-21-1C, to authorize the Board Chair and Becker County Administrator to sign on behalf of the County, for the 2021 State of MN Annual County Boat and Water Safety Grant Agreement in the amount of $20,228.00, with the terms of the agreement from January 1, 2021 through June 20, 2022. Approved Resolution 06-21-1D, to hire a full-time Communications Officer position through the normal hiring process and if this position creates a vacancy, then to fill that position using the most recent internal/external list or to re-advertise, if necessary. Human Resources: It was reported that Lakes Country Service Cooperative has announced leaving Blue Cross/Blue Shield and moving to Medica. It also was reported that the County is up for renewal with PEEP and that the Finance Committee has recommended going out for bids. Highway: an overview was presented of the 2020 Highway Department - Annual Report, noting that it will be submitted to the State as a requirement to receive CSAH funding and is also used for the audit. Accepted the 2020 Highway Department - Annual Report, as presented. Accepted the quotes for the Wetland Delineation and awarded as follows: CSAH 39 - to Environmental Scientific, LLC at the low quote of $5,750.00; CSAH 34 - to Houston Engineering in the amount of $11,362.00, due to providing GPS services; New Public Works Site - to Environmental Scientific, LLC at the low quote of $1,750.00; with a total of $7,500.00 to Environmental Scientific, LLC and $11,362.00 to Houston Engineering, as presented. Being no further business, Chair Nelson adjourned the meeting. /s/ Michael M. Brethorst, County Administrator; /s/ Barry Nelson, Board Chair.
(July 4, 2021) 2895338