Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 8:15 a.m., Third Floor Jury Assembly Room, Courthouse. Agenda/ Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Grimsley. Commissioners in attendance: Grimsley, Nelson, Skarie, Okeson, and Knutson; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, and Minute Taker, Cindy Courneya (remotely). Pledge of Allegiance. Approved the agenda with the following changes: Under County Administrator: Remove: Number 1: Request to Sell Excess Public Land - Parcel # 037006000, and Under Highway: Add: Number 4: Great River Power Pole Agreement, and following Human Services: Add: County Administrator: Number 1: COVID Resolutions: a: Constitutional and Business Friendly Community: Resolution 05-20-2E and b: Encourage Governor Tim Walz to Reopen Timely: Resolution 05-20-2F. Approved the minutes of May 5, 2020 with the requested changes. Commissioners: Open Forum: No one was present. Reports and Correspondence: The Commissioners reported on the following meetings: Commissioner Nelson: Zoning Ordinance Review Committee and Finance Committee; Commissioner Skarie: Environmental Affairs Committee, Human Services Committee, and Lakeland Mental Health. He also referenced the Security Screeners and the potential use of masks. Commissioner Grimsley: Development Achievement Center, Land of the Dancing Sky, Human Services, and Finance Committee; Commissioner Okeson: Sheriff's Committee and NW Regional Communications Board; Commissioner Knutson: Zoning Ordinance Review Committee, Sheriff's Committee, and Environmental Affairs Committee; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, also referenced the efforts of the community in response to COVID-19. He noted that due to an upcoming transition, there is a need to find a volunteer coordinator. He also provided an update on the status of the STS (Sentence-to-Serve) Program and stated, that the program is on a temporary hold relating to COVID-19. Appointments: Appointed Mandy Erickson to the Zoning Ordinance Review Committee. Finance Committee Minutes: Approved the Regular Claims, Auditor Warrants, and Over-90-Days Claims, as presented: Auditor's Warrants (Tuesday Bills): 05/05/2020 in the amount of $11,685.08, 05/12/2020 in the amount of $39,650.00, for a total amount of $51,335.08; Over 90-Day Claims: MN Department of Labor & Industry - in the amount of $60.00 (invoice just turned in). Approved the Grant Money Allocation from the NW Regional Emergency Communications Board (NWRECB), for the 2019 DECN Next Generation Geographic Information System (NGGIS - "NextGen911"), with Becker County's portion at $30,000.00, and with conversion work to be done by Pro West & Associates of Bemidji, MN. Auditor-Treasurer: Licenses & Permits: Approved the Tubing Permit for Charlie's Ottertail Tubing - James and Cathleen Pihlaja - Erie Township. Assessor: Approved the following abatements, as presented: PIN #: 47.0069.000 - City of Audubon, in the amount of -$206.00, due to Tax Forfeited, PIN #: 34.0203.302 - Two Inlets Township, in the amount of -$2,080.00, due to Vet Exclusion-Spouse.
Approved the Amended Abatement Policy, as presented. Sheriff: Approved the purchase of eight (8) Duty Rifles and accessories and accepted the low quote of $728.00 each, for a total cost of $5,824.00 from Johnson Performance of Frazee, MN. Highway: Approved Resolution 05-20-2B, to approve the Bid Award for CP 003-157-001; for drain tile and aggregate surfacing of 7 miles on CR 157 in the western part of the County, and accepted the low bid of $354,890.25 from Hough, Inc. of Detroit Lakes, MN. Approved Resolution 05-20-2C, to accept the State of MN Local Bridge Replacement Program Grant Agreement from the MN State Transportation Fund, in the amount of $237,365.00, for Project SAP 003-598-011, for the replacement and construction of Bridge No. 03J49 (Shell River County Road 125), and with a local match of $9,800.00. Discussion was held about the request for approval of Resolution 05-20-2D: Cooperative Agreement for Reconstruction of Washington Avenue/CSAH 22, from Willow Street to West Lake Drive. Following discussion, additional information was requested to include timeline and costs comparisons for the South roundabout. This request for information will be brought back to the Commission on June 2nd. Commissioner Okeson made a motion to approve the Greater River Energy Agreement, to relocate 3 power poles for new transmission lines along CSAH 26, for the Trunk Hwy. 225 project, at a cost of $116,439.00. Motion died for lack of a second. Additional information was provided by Brian Shepard and Jim Olson and discussion followed. Approved to move forward with the approval of the Greater River Energy Agreement to relocate three (3) power poles for new transmission lines along CSAH 26, for the Trunk Highway 225 Project, at a cost of $116,439.00, as discussed. Human Services: Approved the renewal of the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services Agreement with Medica Health Plans, effective May 1, 2020 through April 30, 2022. Approved the Amendment to the Medica Health Plans Transportation Agreement with Medica Health Plans, relative to the temporary COVID-19 Rate Change, effective March 16, 2020 through May 3, 2020, with the rates to revert back to the previously agreed upon rate. Approved the UCARE MN Transportation Services Agreement, pending final rates. Approved the Human Services claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit as presented. Kris Bausman with Becker County Public Health provided a COVID-19 update relative to Minnesota and Becker County. She noted that as of May 18th, Minnesota had 16,372 confirmed cases with 731 deaths, and Becker County had 33 positive cases with zero (0) deaths. She noted that the Governor's Executive "Stay-at-Home" Order expired on Sunday evening, May 17th, and he has now enacted the next phase, "Stay-Safe-Minnesota". She also noted that the National Guard is starting to assist with mass testing for long-term care facilities and assisted living places, with a high percentage of deaths reported at these facilities. County Administrator: Discussion was held in reference to the two (2) resolutions coming forward for consideration relative to COVID-19 and the Governor's Executive Order, in relationship to the re-opening of businesses and the timeline for doing so. County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, read each of the resolutions titled: Resolution 05-20-2E, "Constitutional and Business Friendly Community" and Resolution 05-20-2F: "Encourage Governor Tim Walz to Reopen Timely". The two resolutions were discussed, with County Attorney, Brian McDonald, providing his input and feedback. He noted his concerns of liability risk to the County relative to Resolution 05-20-2E. Motion failed 3-2 to approve Resolution 05-20-2E: Constitutional and Business Friendly Community. Approved Resolution 05-20-2F: Encourage Governor Tim Walz to Reopen Timely; to encourage the Governor and the Departments of the State of MN to meet all guidelines to develop plans that will allow for the reopening of the bars, restaurants, salons, and other public accommodations on or before June 1, 2020. After the vote, Sheriff Todd Glander provided information relative to law enforcement and prosecution of laws in general. Planning & Zoning: Planning Commission Recommendations (May 12, 2020 - Virtual meeting) - Kyle Vareberg presented information and noted the application submitted by Jane Eklund for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a retaining wall for the project located at 12146 Tanglewood Road, Audubon, MN, was tabled at the Planning Commission meeting on May 12, 2020. Concurred with the Planning Commission (May 12, 2020), to approve the application as submitted by Richard Blauert, for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for an apple orchard (selling apples and a variety of items related to the orchard), with the project located at 18820 Blauert Road, Frazee, MN. Concurred with the Planning Commission (May 12, 2020), to approve the application as submitted by Schlauderaff Family Revocable Living Trust, for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to strip topsoil and extract subsoil from an agricultural field, for the project located at 24014 Wine Lake Road, Detroit Lakes, with the stipulation of no mining within five (5) feet of the water table, along with additional conditions, as discussed, including that the applicant complies with all FAA and MnDOT Aeronautics requirements. Land Use - Environmental Services: Approved the purchase of Recycling Dumpsters at a cost of $21,918.04 from Wastequip of Rosemount, MN, due to increased cardboard recycling. Approved Resolution 05-20-2A, to hire one (1) full-time Seasonal Solid Waste/Tramway Worker in the Land Use Department, due to increased seasonal workload. Land Use - Economic Development Authority (EDA): Approved the submittal of the West Central Initiative (WCI) Resiliency Grant application, in the amount of $12,000.00 to purchase six (6) Protexus PX300 ES Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayers, relative to Becker County's COVID-19 response, with the sprayers to be used at the Becker County Courthouse and Transit operations, and various partners, at their request, to include Essentia Hospital/ Clinic, Detroit Lakes Community & Cultural Center, and Lake Park-Audubon Elementary School. It was noted that the request to submit a WCI Resiliency Grant relative to West River Homes Telehealth project was removed. Human Resources: Approved to accept and ratify the tentative agreement with the LELS Sheriff Supervisor Unit, with the changes as presented, to include a 2.5% wage increase for 2020 and 2.75% for 2021. Approved to accept and ratify the tentative agreement with the LELS Deputy Unit, with the changes as presented, to include a 2.5% wage increase for 2020 and 2.75% for 2021. Approved to accept and ratify the tentative agreement with AFSCME Highway Unit, with the changes as presented, to include a 2.5% wage increase for 2020 and 2.75% for 2021. There was discussion relative to Commissioner Skarie's request to encourage Security Screeners to wear masks when public enter, as they are the first contact with the General Public. Being no further business, Board Chair Grimsley adjourned the meeting. Following the meeting, the Commissioners, County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, and the Department Heads attended Lunch Bunch in the 3rd Floor Jury Assembly Room, provided by Information Technology (IT) Director, Stacie White. Michael Brethorst, County Administrator; Ben Grimsley, Board Chair.
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