REGULAR MEETING AS POSTED - BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: TUESDAY, November 17, 2020 at 8:15 a.m., Board Room, Courthouse. Agenda/Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Grimsley. Present: Commissioners Grimsley, Nelson, Okeson, Knutson, and Skarie; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, and Minute Taker, Cindy Courneya. Pledge of Allegiance. Approved the agenda with the following changes: Under Commissioners: Number 3: Appointments: Add: (a) Notification of Upcoming Appointments needed to the Cormorant Lakes Watershed District Board of Managers and Under Human Services: Add: Number 5: COVID Update. Approved the minutes of November 3, 2020, with no changes. Commissioners: Open Forum: No one was present. Reports and Correspondence: The following meetings and items were reported on: Commissioner Grimsley: Human Services Committee and Finance Committee; Commissioner Okeson: Sheriff's Committee, AMC Transportation meeting, and One Watershed-One Plan meeting; Commissioner Knutson: Sheriff's Committee, Economic Development Association (EDA), and Canvassing Board meeting; Commissioner Nelson: EDA meeting, Finance Committee, and spoke in reference to the recent elections, thanking the Auditor-Treasurer's office and election staff for a job well done; Commissioner Skarie: Human Services Committee and Partnership4Health; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, reported on the Becker County Historical Society & Museum, CARES Business Grant Awards and Township Awards, noting that the Townships returned funds to the County in the amount of $207,000.00. Appointments: Notification has been received for two appointments needed to the Cormorant Lakes Watershed District Board of Managers, with the terms set to expire on December 31, 2020, with one of the members, Barbs Hansen, interested in serving another term. Re-appointed Barbs Hansen to the Cormorant Lakes Watershed District Board of Managers, to serve another three-year term, effective January 1, 2021. It was noted that the Annual AMC Conference will be offered virtually via Zoom and for one day only on Monday, December 7th from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Currently Commissioners Nelson and Okeson are planning to attend. County Administrator: Approved Resolution 11-20-2A, to approve the 2021 annual salary for the Becker County Commissioners, effective January 1, 2021, with the changes as discussed, reflecting a 1% increase, and as follows: County Commissioners - $ 24,848; County Board Chair - $ 26,060, with the Per Diem for meeting attendance, other than regular Commissioner meetings, to remain unchanged at $60.00, with meetings over 4 hours at $85.00. Approved Resolution 11-20-2B, to ratify the base salaries for the elected officials for 2021 as follows, reflecting a 2.75% increase, and with the exception of a one-time adjustment of $2,500.00 to the Sheriff's salary, as discussed: Mary Hendrickson, County Auditor-Treasurer: $92,094.93; Patty Swenson, County Recorder: $76,564.62; Todd Glander, County Sheriff: $114,099.77; Brian McDonald, County Attorney: $118,503.88. Discussion was held relative to the status of Becker County's request to allow for Becker County Board Member representation on the Wild Rice Watershed District (WRWD) Board of Managers. County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, has been working with Clay County to solicit the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) to re-evaluate and consider the request, as discussed, with Clay County deferring to BWSR to make the determination. Commissioner Nelson noted that a letter to BWSR from the Becker County Commissioners was drafted by County Administrator, Mike Brethorst, and approved by the Board in July 2020, to request that Becker County be allowed Board Member representation on the WRWD Board of Managers. There was also a brief discussion relative to the Otter Tail One Watershed-One Plan with Pelican River Watershed District Administrator, Tera Guetter, providing input regarding contracting. Finance Committee Minutes: Approved the Regular Claims, Auditor Warrants, Over-90-Day Claims, and Additional Issues, as presented: Auditor's Warrants (Tuesday Bills): 11/03/2020 in the amount of $14,850.68, 11/06/2020 in the amount of $113,918.00, 11/11/2020 in the amount of $13,054.19 for a total amount of
$141,822.87; Over-90-Days: J & K Marine - dated 08/10/2020 in the amount of $235.19 (invoice just turned in); Additional Issues: American Legion Post #181 - CARES Grant moved to Auditor Warrant - $11,891.79. Auditor-Treasurer: There were no Licenses and Permits to present. County Attorney: Approved Resolution 11-20-2D, to approve the creation of the position of First Assistant County Attorney and to authorize the County Attorney to fill the position internally. Sheriff: Approved the sale of old squad vehicles, as follows, pending internal review of the entire fleet by the Courthouse Committee, with the possibility of redistributing two (2) of the vehicles, as discussed: #0426: 2013 Ford Taurus (115,303) - 1FAHP2MK1EG170426; #4760: 2012 Ford Taurus (134,987) - 1FAHP2M8XDG124760; #4612: 2012 Dodge Charger\(134,460) - 2C3CDXAG1CH304612; #7093: 2013 Ford Utility (220,993) - 1FM5K8AR7EGC27093; #2970: 2013 Ford Taurus (225,802) - 1FAHP2MK3EG102970; #0970: 2010 Ford Crown Vic (136,845) - 2FABP7BV4AX110970; #6767: 2005 Ford Econoline Van (135,035) - 1FBNE31L76HA36767. Approved the one-time purchase of a mobile radio for the Command Post, at State contract pricing, in the amount of $5,206.90 from Motorola Solutions. Emergency Management - Emergency Management Director, Craig Fontaine, and Pelican River Watershed District Administrator, Tera Guetter, were present: Approved Resolution 11-20-2E, as presented, to approve the Addendum to the Becker County Hazard Mitigation Plan; to adopt the updated Flood Mapping Amendment (attached hereto). Also presented was a signed copy of Resolution 11-20, the resolution passed and adopted by the Pelican River Watershed District Board of Managers on November 12, 2020, for their support of the Updated Flood Mapping Amendment to the Becker County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Planning & Zoning: Kyle Vareberg noted that Lake View Storage - CIC #92, an 18-unit storage building development located in Lake View Township, was approved by the City of Detroit Lakes City Council on October 13, 2020, with the final plat presented to the Board as an acknowledgement of the plat located in the two-mile extraterritorial area. Authorized the Board Chair to sign the Final Plat of the Lake View Storage - CIC #92, with the acknowledgement of the two-mile extraterritorial area. Accepted and granted another one (1) year Preliminary Plat Extension, submitted by the property owner, Danny Olson, for 16 lots known as "Royal Oaks" in Cormorant Township, with the deadline for the final plat approval on May 15, 2022. Human Services: Approved Resolution 11-20-2C, to hire a full-time Social Worker, due to a vacancy, through the normal hiring process and if filling that vacancy creates another vacancy in Human Services, to then fill that vacancy also. Approved the Contracts (A-E), as presented: DHS Community Support Program Grant Award - 2-year Contract up to $193,618.00; Human Services LiveScan Interagency Agreement Renewal - to lease fingerprint equipment; Fraud Prevention Investigation Program Plan of Cooperation with Becker County Sheriff's Office to provide FPI Work and to bill HS, to reimburse hourly wage; School Foster Care Student Transportation Agreements with Detroit Lakes, Frazee-Vergas, and Lake Park-Audubon Public Schools; 2021 Annual Contract Renewals, as follows;
Behavioral Health: Central MN Mental Health Center - Behavioral Health Services at a daily rate of $490, transportation at $1.50 per mile, and a commitment hold rate of $550 after 72 hrs.; Enchanting Events-meals for Willow Tree at a cost of $6,000.00, covered by crisis grant; Lakeland Mental Health-Behavioral Health Services at a cost of $372,657; Lakes Counseling Center-Chemical Dependency Assessments cost of up to $5,000; Solutions Behavioral Health-Mental Health case management, ARMHS, and CTSS services at a cost of $40,064.00; Stellher Human Services-Crisis stabilization at Willow Tree, mobile crisis, respite, and crisis line services at a cost of $273,480.00; White Earth-CTSS, Crisis coordination, and mobile crisis services at an annual cost of $125,000.00. Adult Services: Lutheran Social Services-Guardianship services for indigent persons, up to $28,080; Becker County DAC-Day Training and Habilitation for persons with disabilities at a cost of $67,926. Child & Family Protection: Family Resource Center - Relative Search- $50.00 per hour, not to exceed $80,000; Family Resource Center - FGDM-$62.00 per hour, not to exceed $155,000; Lakes Crisis Center: Positive Connections-Supervised visitation at $41.00 per hour, up to $210,000; Parent Support Outreach-Early Intervention at $50.00 per hour, up to $10,422; Lutheran Social Services-Family based counseling, not to exceed $450,000; Mahube Community Council-Parent Support Outreach $50.00 per hour, up to $10,422; The Village Family Services-Home based services at a cost of up to $55,000; Someplace Safe-Supervised visitation and exchange service in Perham & Fergus Falls; Drug Testing Solutions-Provide drug testing at a cost not to exceed $30,000.00; Sourcewell-Administration of childcare licensing program, not to exceed $45,000. Income Maintenance: Rural Minnesota CEP-Employment services for BC clients at a cost of $281,111; Mahube-Otwa: Administration of Childcare Programs, not to exceed $45,325. Child Support: Kevin Niemann-Process server fees of up to $3,500; Robert Strand - Process server fees of up to $ 1,000; IV-D Agreement: including BC Attorney not to exceed $102,476.34, and BC Sheriff not to exceed $4,868.94; Father's Resource Program - provides services to parents at a cost of $8,146. Approved the following purchases for the Child & Teen Checkups (CTC), as follows: Broadcasting - Radio Ads at a cost of $3,090.00 (KBOT-FM, Detroit Lakes, MN); Billboard - at a cost of $3,600.00 (Newman Signs, Inc., dba Newman Outdoor Advertising, Jamestown, ND); Poster - at a cost of $3,150.00 (Newman Signs, Inc., dba Newman Outdoor Advertising, Jamestown, ND); Direct Promotional Supplies (thermometers) at a cost of $4,312.50 (Direct Promotions - with a total cost of $14,152.50 for media advertising, using grant funds. Approved the Human Services claims for Human Services, Community Health, and Transit, as presented. Kris Bausmann provided an update on the COVID pandemic relative to Becker County, noting that the number of positive cases since the pandemic began was at 1,371 as of November 16, 2020 with 4 deaths reported, and that the positivity rate between October 25th and 31st was at 8.70%, with rates over 5% at a concerning level, based on MN Department of Health criteria. She also reported on Testing, COVID Vaccination Planning, and Prevention efforts to slow the spread, noting increasing concerns for hospital bed availability and staffing. Land Use - Environmental Services: Approved the purchase of Roll-Off Containers for the Osage Solid Waste Campus, and to accept the low quote from Fabwurx, Detroit Lakes, MN, in the amount of $9,390.00, plus applicable taxes, for two (2) 30 cubic yard roll-off containers, as presented. Being no further business, Board Chair Grimsley adjourned the meeting.
/s/ Michael M. Brethorst, County Administrator; /s/ Ben Grimsley, Board Chair.
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