REGULAR MEETING AS POSTED - BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS - TUESDAY, October 20, 2020 at 8:15 a.m., First Floor-Board Room, Courthouse. Agenda/ Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Grimsley. Commissioners in attendance: Grimsley, Nelson, Okeson, Knutson and Skarie; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst and Minute Taker, Cindy Courneya. Pledge of Allegiance. Approved the agenda with the following changes: Under Finance Committee: Add: Under Auditor-Treasurer: Pay Allocations for Election Staff and under NRM: Approval to Hire Part-Time Seasonal Staff to Assist with Closing the Public Accesses and Clearing of Trails. Approved the minutes of October 6, 2020, with the requested changes. Commissioners: Open Forum: No one was present. Reports & Correspondence: Reports on the following meetings and updates were provided as follows: Commissioner Nelson: Finance Committee and Economic Development Authority (EDA) meeting; Commission Skarie: Becker County Children's Initiative (BCCI) and also attended a meeting in regard to the Extra 2-Mile Radius Territorial issue with Commissioner Okeson; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst; Planning & Zoning Director, Kyle Vareberg; and County Surveyor, Roy Smith in attendance; Commissioner Grimsley: Becker County Historical Society & Museum Committee, Land of the Dancing Sky (Virtually), Development Achievement Center (DAC), Finance Committee, and attended a meeting regarding the Becker County Food Pantry relative to a new building; Commissioner Okeson: Sheriff's Committee, NW Emergency Communications Board, West Central Juvenile Center meeting, and referenced the Extra 2 Mile Radius Territorial Issue meeting and the One Watershed-One Plan Policy meeting; Commissioner Knutson: Sheriff's Committee and Economic Development Authority (EDA) meeting and referenced a claim to West Central Juvenile Center relative to medication costs for participants. Appointments: Approved Resolution 10-20-2B, that the Becker County Board of Commissioners reappoints Lisa Will as Becker County Assessor for a four-year term beginning on January 1, 2021 and expiring on December 31, 2024. Per MN State Statute, Judge Gretchen Thilmony was present and administered the Oath of Office to County Assessor, Lisa Will, for her reappointment to serve as the Assessor for Becker County, as approved. Reappointed Bob Merritt to the Planning Commission to serve another three-year term, representing District 2. Appointed Tom Ailie to the Planning Commission, to fulfill the remainder of a vacant term, representing District 2. Approved Resolution 10-20-2A, the Board of Commissioner's Scheduled Meeting Dates for 2021, as presented. County Administration: Legal Contracts - CHIPS Renewal: Approved the renewal of the CHIPS Contract with Attorney Beth Walker as presented, effective January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023, with the possibility of an additional one-year extension. Approved the renewal of the CHIPS Contract with Attorney, Josh Haugen as presented, effective January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023, with the possibility of an additional one-year extension. Approved the Amendment to the Purchase Agreement from EXP Realty, for the purchase and sale of the Minimum Security Jail located at 640 Randolph Road, Detroit Lakes, MN; to extend the Closing Date for the sale from November 4, 2020 to on or before December 31, 2020. Approved ECUMEN's application to the 2021 ECPN Program and for Becker County to obligate and pay the 2021 estimated contract fees for services in the amount of $19,000.00, and to include that amount into the 2021 Budget, as presented. Finance Committee Minutes: Approved the Regular Claims, Auditor Warrants, Over-90-Day Claims, and Additional Issues, as presented, with the exception of pending the explanation relative to the claim in the amount of $5,186.29 for medication costs (May , June, and July 2020) for youth housed at the West Central Regional Juvenile Center, as discussed: Auditor's Warrants (Tuesday Bills): 10/06/2020 in the amount of $13,582.26, 10/14/2020 in the amount of $178,357.82, for a total amount of $191,940.08; Over 90-Day Claims: Dan Bergstrom - in the amount of $3,020.00 dated 06/01/2020 (invoice just received), Otter Tail County Sheriff - in the amount of $2,250.00 dated 12/19/2020 (bill just turned in); Potty Shacks - in the amount of $798.80 dated 12/19/2020 (bill just turned in); Additional Issues: Addition to Claims - Detroit Township Election Grant Funds in the amount of $1,654.76, Pay temporary Election staff on Auditor warrants to spend grant funds. Approved the Human Services Claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit, as presented. Approved adding a temporary staff position to the Natural Resources Department, for up to 400 hours, at $16.50 per hour, due to no STS staff to assist with closing the public accesses and clearing of trails. Auditor-Treasurer: Licenses & Permits: Approved the following Tobacco Licenses, as presented: Elbow Lake Store & Bar - Roger Nelson - Round Lake Township, The 59'ER - Heinz Operations, Inc. - Jackie Collins - Detroit Township, Cormorant Store, Inc. - Thomas Olson - Cormorant Township, Dollar General Store #20295 - DG Retail, LLC - Cormorant Township, Osage Bait & Tackle - Peggy Branstrom - Osage Township. Approved the Professional Services Audit Contract, as presented, with Clifton LarsonAllen, for a 3-year audit contract for Becker County and Becker County EDA. Sheriff: Approved Resolution 10-20-2C, to hire a full-time Jail Program Coordinator through the normal hiring process, due to a resignation, and with the change to remove backfilling the position if one is created without review. Sheriff Todd Glander provided an update on the Sheriff's Office Remodel project, noting that the quotes for the furniture came in under budget. Highway: Approved Resolution 10-20-2D, to fill a full-time Maintenance Worker position, due to a retirement as of October 22, 2020. Planning & Zoning - Planning Commission Recommendations (October 13, 2020): Kyle Vareberg noted that the applicants, Lance W. Mohl and Lisa K. Mohl, tabled their application for a Conditional Use Permit to build a retaining wall for the project located at 10017 Ida Oaks Road, Pelican Rapids, MN. Concurred with the Planning Commission (October 13, 2020), to approve the request as submitted by Lars Odegaard and Sarah Odegaard for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to build a retaining wall for the project located at 12800 Kohler Lane, Audubon, MN, to include the stipulations as outlined in the Plan submitted as Exhibit A by the applicants. Concurred with the Planning Commission (October 13, 2020), to approve the request submitted by Jimmy Kaiser, for a Preliminary Plat for twenty-five (25) lots known as Birch Lake Heights, for the project located at TBD Bullert Road, Ogema, MN, based on the fact it meets subdivision requirements as of March 20, 2006, and with the stipulation that a change of zone from Agricultural to Residential is required with the Final Plat approval. Economic Development Authority (EDA): Approved awarding the Round 2 - CARES Business Relief Grant funding to the list of twenty-six (26) applicants, as presented, at a maximum award amount of up to no more than $45,000.00 each, with a maximum total appropriation of up to $660,011.00. Authorized expending the remaining $139,000.00 CARES Business Relief Grant Funds (remaining from the $1 million CARES Business Relief Fund), and to award the remaining six (6) eligible applicants if they meet the criteria, once all requirements have been met, at an amount of up to no more than $45,000.00 each, and with the Finance Committee to approve the remaining final award amounts. Land Use - Environmental Services: Approved the Third Amendment to the Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority (PLMSWA) - Joint Powers Financing Agreement between the Counties of Becker, Clay, Otter Tail, Todd, and Wadena, as presented, in order to secure up to $2,000,000.00 of general obligation bonds for improvements to the Perham Resource Recovery Facility. Land Use - Natural Resources Management (NRM) - Theresa Ebbenga, MN-DNR - NW Regional Director in Bemidji, MN, and MN-DNR Fisheries Supervisor, Nathan Olson, in Detroit Lakes, MN presented, along with other MN-DNR staff attending virtually: Ms. Ebbenga introduced herself and the other MN-DNR staff present as well. She and the staff provided a summary and overview of the MN-DNR projects pertaining to Becker County and answered questions relative to area fishing regulations. The Board expressed their thanks and appreciation for the update and commented on some of the projects, especially noting the benefits and success of the youth hunt that is offered every year. Being no further business, Board Chair Grimsley adjourned the meeting. /s/ Michael Brethorst, County Administrator; /s/ Ben Grimsley, Board Chair.
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