REGULAR MEETING AS POSTED - BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: TUESDAY, September 15, 2020 at 8:15 a.m., First Floor-Board Room, Courthouse. Agenda /Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Grimsley. Commissioners in attendance: Grimsley, Nelson, Okeson, Knutson and Skarie; County Administrator, Mike Brethorst and Minute Taker, Cindy Courneya. Pledge of Allegiance. Approved the agenda with the following changes: Under Finance Committee, at approximately 9:05 a.m., Add: Laptop Purchase for IT and Carpet Discussion for Law Library. Approved the minutes of September 1, 2020 with the requested changes. Commissioners: Open Forum: No one was present. Reports & Correspondence: Commissioner Okeson: Becker County Historical Society & Museum - Construction Committee meeting, NW Emergency Communications Board, Highway Committee, Association of MN Counties (AMC) Policy Committee "Zoom" meeting for Transportation and provided an update on MN Broadband; Commissioner Knutson: Environmental Affairs Committee, Sheriff's Committee, Safety Committee, Courthouse Committee, and attended a "virtual" meeting through Otter Tail County regarding "One Watershed-One Plan" relative to the Redeye Watershed District; Commissioner Nelson: Courthouse Committee, Highway Committee, Finance Committee - CARES Funding and Regular Finance Committee meeting; Commissioner Skarie: Human Services Committee, AMC Policy Committee "Zoom" meeting, and Lakeland Mental Health; Commission Grimsley: Becker Co. Historical Society & Museum, Finance Committee - discussion on CARES Funding and Regular Finance Committee meeting; Commissioner Grimsley also welcomed Michael Achterling, the newly hired reporter for the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Appointments: There were none; however, updates were provided on upcoming appointments needed for the Lakeland Mental Health Board as well as the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments. Finance Committee Minutes: Auditor-Treasurer: Approved the Regular Claims, Auditor Warrants, and Over-90-Day Claims, as presented: Auditor's Warrants (Tuesday Bills): 09/08/2020 in the amount of $19,114.00; Over 90-Day Claims: Fargo Paint & Glass - dated 06/09/2020, in the amount of $5,720.00 (invoice just turned in); Farnam's - dated 06/03/2020, in the amount of $338.98 (invoice just turned in). Approved the following, using CARES Funds: GIS Enterprise Upgrade - Server, Software & Licensing, at a cost of $13,113.30: ArcGIS Enterprise License cost - $5,000.00, SQL Server License cost - $4,876.00, Vendor Assistance to Set-up/Configure the 3 Enterprise Servers - cost - $3,237.30, with it noted annual maintenance at $2,500 next year will be part of 2021 GIS budget; Laptop order as follows, using CARES Funds: Lenovo ThinkPads T14 - 36 at a cost of $1,049.00 each, for a total cost of $37,764.00; Docking Stations - 42 at a cost of $10.00 each, for a total cost of $7,560.00; Lenovo Adapters - 36 at a cost of $45.00 each, for a total cost of $1,620.00; for a total combined cost of $46,944.00. Approved the carpet replacement, as presented, for the Law Library at the Courthouse, and authorized the County Administrator to approve the carpet purchase/replacement at an amount of up to $5,000.00, with the Law Library Committee to make the decision on the flooring option. Auditor-Treasurer: Licenses & Permits: Approved the following Tobacco Licenses, as presented: Hoslers Two Inlets Country Store - Craig and Susan Hosler - Two Inlets Township; Sunlite Bar & Grill - Wayne Crawford - Detroit Lakes Township; Ice Cracking Lodge - Tandra Parsons - Round Lake Township; Cormorant Bottle Shop - J-Rod Enterprises, LLC - Cormorant Township. Approved Resolution 09-20-2A, to establish the proposed 2021 Maximum Levy for Becker County at $22,554,713.00, representing an approximate 2.77% increase from the 2020 levy, with the final levy to be established December 10, 2020 at 6:01 p.m. in the Board Room of the Becker County Courthouse. Approved Resolution 09-20-2B, to approve the Housing & Redevelopment Authority Tax Levy in the amount of $124,350.00 for 2021, for the purpose of funding housing and economic related activities of the Becker County Economic Development Authority. Approved Resolution 09-20-2H, to hire a part-time Licensing Clerk, due to increase of driver license workload and staffing at check-in window because of "social distancing" and to use the most current application pool or re-advertise, if needed. Highway: Approved Resolution 09-20-2E, that Becker County agrees to amend LUP #0304-0119 with the MN Department of Transportation (MnDOT) - Amendment 1, as presented; to add connection along TH 10 between CSAH 54 and the Heartland Trail underpass. Becker County Soil & Water Conservation District (BCSWCD): BCSWCD Director, Peter Mead, affirmed his upcoming resignation, effective September 18th, noting that he has accepted another position. He also thanked the Board for their support over the years and the Board expressed their thanks and appreciation for his commitment and expertise in serving Becker County in this capacity. Mr. Mead provided an overview of the BCSWCD 2021 Budget and budget request to the County in the amount of $207,671.00 plus $11,288.00 for Water Plan Match for a total request of $218,959. Approved the 2021 budget allocation for the Becker County Soil and Water Conservation District, in the amount of $218,959, as discussed. Mr. Mead also provided an update on the "One Watershed-One Plan" and discussion followed. Approved Resolution 09-20-2F, to recommend to the Buffalo Red River Watershed Policy Committee that the Buffalo-Red River Watershed - One Watershed-One Plan (1W1P) be submitted to the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) for their approval, as stated in the BWSR Operating Procedures 2.0 and the Buffalo-Red River Watershed's 1W1P Planning Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Approved to table the request to approve Resolution 09-20-2G, the resolution to Adopt and Implement the Leaf, Wing, Redeye One Watershed-One Plan, and to table for 60 days or indefinitely. Planning & Zoning - Planning Commission Recommendations (September 8, 2020): Concurred with the Planning Commission (September 8, 2020) to approve the request submitted by James J. Brogren, Jr., for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to operate a retail shop selling products and repurposed goods, for the project located at 17168 Highland Drive, Detroit Lakes, MN. Concurred with the Planning Commission (September 8, 2020), to approve the request submitted by Thelen's Excavating, Inc., for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for mining operations, for the project located at TBD 500th Avenue, Ponsford, MN. Concurred with the Planning Commission (September 8, 2020), to approve the request submitted by SNBA Development, LLC, for approval of a 2nd Supplemental Plat for a Common Interest Development for four (4) units (units 11-14), for the project located at 20234 County Highway 21, Detroit Lakes, MN. Concurred with the Planning Commission (September 8, 2020), to approve the request submitted by Mark W. and Wendy L. Rodewald, for a Change of Zone from Commercial to Agricultural for the North 5 acres, with the remainder of the parcel to remain zoned Commercial, with the stipulation that the City of Detroit Lakes approves the Certificate of Survey, for the project located at 20234 County Highway 21, Detroit Lakes, MN. Approved the Zoning Ordinance Amendments as follows: Chapter 5, Table 54: Side Yard Setbacks - to reduce the side yard setback requirement for agricultural zoned parcels from twenty (20) feet to ten (10) feet. Chapter 2, Sec. 3, A & D - Board of Adjustment Alternate Member - to increase a quorum total from three (3) to four (4), to increase the member total from the unincorporated area of the County from three (3) to four (4), and to allow all members present to vote without authorization from the Board Chair. Chapter 11, Sec. 2, Definitions, Group Care Facility - to reduce the Conditional Use Permit threshold from six (6) individuals to one (1), to remove the words "mentally retarded" and "foster children" from the definition, as discussed. Approved Resolution 09-20-2C, that the Becker County Board of Commissioners makes this a Negative Declaration that the Birch Lake Heights Residential Development (single family) in Callaway and Sugarbush Townships (owner, Jim Kaiser), does not have the potential for significant environmental effects and that the impacts from the project are reasonable and expected, and therefore, an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is not required, and to also include with said resolution, the "Record of Decision, Findings of Fact, and Response to Comments Regarding the Mandatory Environmental Assessment Worksheet" (EAW). Human Services: Approved Amendment #2, as presented, to the Becker County - Department of Human Services (DHS) Behavioral Health Crisis Grant No. 133774 (Original Grant Contract); with an increase in cost of $22,727.00 for training to provide mental health services. Approved the NCT CaseWorks Accounting EDMS Edition - Software Acquisition and License Agreement, as presented, and to use CARES funds. Approved the letter of support, as presented, for the Compassion House of Detroit Lakes to seek an additional license through the MN Department of Human Services (MN-DHS), to offer Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment Services for women in the Becker County area. Approved the letter of support, as presented, for Recovery Community Resources to seek licensure through the MN Department of Human Services (MN-DHS), to offer Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment Services for women in the Becker County area. Approved the Human Services Claims for Human Services, Public Health, and Transit, as presented. Land Use - Environmental Services: Approved the purchase of a 14' Snow Pusher from Titan Machinery, Fargo, ND, at the low quote of $12,877.00. Approved Resolution 09-20-2I, to award a Solid Waste Transportation Contract to BM Transport, Inc. for three (3) years with a two (2) year option; to haul solid waste from the Becker County Solid Waste Transfer Station to the Fargo Landfill and Perham Resource Recovery Facility. Land Use - Natural Resources Management (NRM)/Parks & Recreation - Nathan Olson from the MN Department of Natural Resources (MN-DNR) presented, along with Guy Fischer (virtually): Nathan Olson presented an overview of the proposed Buck's Mill Land Acquisition, requesting approval of Resolution 09-20-2D, to "Authorize Submitting Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program (CPL) Application" for the land acquisition, with the total grant request at $26,225.00, and with the project cost at $28,925.00 with a $2,700 cash match. Approved Resolution 09-20-2D, to support and authorize the submittal of the Conservation Partners Legacy (CPL) Program Grant for the Buck's Mill Land Acquisition, with the grant amount at $26,225.00 and a County Match of $2,700.00 for the application; with Becker County to purchase 1.6 acres of land (Parcel # 19.0608.000) as part of an initial step towards dam removal by the MN-DNR and river channel restoration on the Pelican River. Human Resources: Accepted the change to Principal Dental Insurance for 2021 and 2022, as presented. Being no further business, Board Chair Grimsley adjourned the meeting. /s/ Michael M. Brethorst, County Administrator; /s/ Ben Grimsley, Board Chair
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