SPECIAL MEETING AS POSTED BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS WEDNESDAY, December 1, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. LOCATION: Board Room, Courthouse Agenda: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Nelson. Commissioners in attendance: Nelson, Knutson, Okeson, Grimsley and Vareberg, and minute taker Krista Lillquist. 1. Pledge of Allegiance. It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda with the following change: the Public Hearing will be held at 9:00 a.m. as published, not 9:05 a.m. (Grimsley, Okeson), carried. Auditor-Treasurer: Payment of Bills: Mary Hendrickson presented: Checks went to townships for museum pass through, cost effective and utility bills. Mailed $9 million tax distribution to town and state. On November 16, 2021, made an $857,000 bond payment. There is $1815.47 in 90+ days. There is a reduction of $3,120.24 in commissioners’ warrants. It was moved and seconded to approve the regular claims, auditor warrants, commissioner warrants and over-90-day claims, as presented. (Knutson, Okeson), carried. IT: Update of ERP and Civic Clerk Software Authorization: Stacie White presented: Board discussion. Will move forward with Courthouse Committee recommendations. Authorized to move forward as long as there are no changes financially. County Attorney Brian McDonald has reviewed the minutes and the RFP and there is no issue with Becker County being bound to a contract as a resolution is not binding. Commissioners: Lake Agassiz Regional Library Joint Powers Agreement: Ben Grimsley presented: Commissioner Grimsley stated that this agreement is the same as previous agreements with the exception this new agreement has an indemnification and hold harmless clause for the counties. It was moved and seconded to approve signing the LARL Joint Powers Agreement. (Grimsley, Okeson), carried. Open Public Hearing: Appointment of County Recorder: The opening of the public hearing was moved and seconded. (Grimsley, Knutson), carried. Board Chair Nelson explained to those in attendance that this is the second hearing on this topic, the first being November 16th. At the first meeting, Commissioner Grimsley attended virtually, and Commissioner Vareberg was attending training so unable to attend the board meeting. Board Chair Nelson wanted to discuss the topic of appointing a county recorder with all five county commissioners in attendance. Clint Danielson, a concerned citizen, reiterated his concerns that he raised at the November 16th meeting. He wanted to know what the schedule would be if appointed ~ for the balance of Patty Swenson’s term or for four years? And who determines whether a candidate is qualified to be appointed to the recorder position? Appointment term is to be determined. Amy Rissmann, Director of Human Resources, will write up a job description for the County Recorder position. Interviews will include a county recorder from a neighboring county so someone with experience is evaluating candidates. Amy stated that there is a Minnesota statute which states that the board decides the pay for appointed positions. Commissioner Knutson requested Amy look into similar counties as Becker to give a recommendation to the board on pay scale, band and grade, and qualifications to present at the December 13th Finance Meeting, then at the December 14th Board Meeting. Recommended to post position, DOE or DOQ. With no additional public comments, it was moved and seconded to close the public hearing. (Okeson, Knutson), carried. Board Chair Nelson wants to discuss compensating Deputy Recorder Karen Wenner for assuming the job responsibilities of County Recorder at the December 14th Board Meeting. It was moved and seconded to pass resolution 12-21-1A. (Grimsley, Knutson), carried. A roll call vote was held to approve Resolution 12-21-1A Appointment of Recorder. (Knutson, Grimsley, Nelson and Okeson voted aye; Vareberg voted nay.) Motion carried, 4-1. Commissioners: County Administrator Second Interview – Patry (Pat) Oman A second interview was conducted with the five commissioners and candidate for County Administrator, Pat Oman. Being no further business, Chair Nelson adjourned the meeting. /s/ Denise Warren, Human Services Director /s/ Barry Nelson, Board Chair (Jan. 16, 2022) 23479