STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF BECKER DISTRICT COURT SEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT In Re: Estate of Nicole Ewing, Decedent. Court File No.: 03-PR-22-519 NOTICE TO CREDITORS: FOREIGN PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE ACTING IN MINNESOTA NOTICE IS GIVEN that Jack Ewing, residing at 8008 France Avenue N. Minneapolis, MN 55443-2811, is the domiciliary foreign Personal Representative )”Personal Representative”) for the Estate of Nicole Ewing, a resident of the State of New Mexico. On March 18, 2022, The Personal Representative filed with the Court a document stating an intention to exercise, as to the assets in Minnesota, all powers of a local Personal representative and to maintain actions and proceedings in Minnesota in accordance with Minnesota Statute Section 524.4-205. Notice is also given that any Minnesota Creditor who objects to the personal representative’s exercise of power of assets in Minnesota must file a written objection within 60 days from the Personal Representative’s filing. If no objections are filed, the representative may, after the expiration of the 60-day period exercise all powers of a local Personal representative. Dated: March 21, 2022 /s/ Sarah Court Administrator Steven E. Antolak (Atty. Reg. 145944) Antolak Law Office PO Box 431364 Minneapolis, MN 55443-1364 (763) 493-5631 Attorney for Personal Representative Jack Ewing (April 3 & 10, 2022) 48600