Wild Rice Watershed District Submit Perm

Wild Rice Watershed District Submit Permit Applications Now for 2023 work!! The Wild Rice Watershed District Board of Managers strongly encourages landowners and tenants to submit permit applications for spring, summer, and fall 2023 work ASAP. When preparing your 2023 crop and farm planning, take a minute to consider any work that you are considering completing. There is no cost to obtain a District permit for proposed work, and approved permit applications are good for a term of two (2) years from the approval date. Applying for permit applications in advance, ensures that you will be ready to complete work when the weather allows, or when your contractor is able to perform the duties necessary. Postponing submittal of an application can cause costly delays to landowners. Therefore, the Board of Managers encourages you to include proposed project planning in your 2023 field work planning. The requirements for a permit from the Board of Managers for certain uses of water or works within the district is not intended to delay or inhibit development. Rather, the permits are needed so that the Managers are kept informed of planned projects, can advise and in some instances provide assistance, and to insure that development of the natural resources is orderly and in accordance with the district’s watershed management plan. Permit applications are needed for any works within the Watershed District that could potentially change or alter the current flow of waters within the district. Examples of proposed work requiring a permit are: • install subsurface drain tile • install or replace a culvert • install a field approach • install erosion control structure • abandon and fill an existing ditch or waterway • construct a new ditch • deepen or widen an existing ditch • build water retention area • repair shoreline Furthermore: • no works or use requiring a permit shall be commenced prior to the issuance of a permit • permit applications must be on file at the district’s office at least ten (10) days prior to the regular monthly meeting to be considered at that meeting • unless specified, all permits are approved for a term of two years • obtaining a permit does not relieve the applicant from the responsibility of obtaining any other additional local, state, or federal authorizations or permits that may be required • if a permit application is refused or granted subject to conditions, the applicant may demand a formal hearing within thirty days Permit applications are available at the district website,, or at the District office, 11 5th Ave E, Ada, MN. All permit applications must be accompanied by an aerial photo detailing proposed work. Applications to install subsurface drain tile must be accompanied by a detailed tile plan. For further questions or assistance in the permit application process, contact the district office at 218-784-5501 or email (March 11, 2023) 202100