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Letter: Newspaper, city not giving all info on hotel project

I notice that your online story about the Fairfield Inn shoreland development controversy now includes reference to the Minnesota DNR’s letter threatening lawsuit.

But why did you not reveal that the mayor and city staff received this letter on April 8?

Your online coverage would now come under the heading of “better late than never,” so thanks for that. But what may be worse than never carrying the story at all is omitting the larger picture about lack of “government accountability.”

As you know, this is the Minnesota DNR’s second letter to the city on the project, the first having only recommended that the Planning Commission deny the requested variances.

In the April 8 letter, for the first time, Minnesota DNR clearly threatens formal legal action should the city approve the project. Your reporting staff knows that the CDC, which met last Thursday (April 9), “green lighted” the project, as you reported.

As you must have noticed, the April 8 Minnesota DNR letter was addressed to the mayor and the members of the City Council. But the city council did not receive the letter until after the vote of the Community Development Committee.

Again, how in the name of good journalism could you possibly have left that part of the story out?

One further question: Is this significant omission in keeping with Forum Communications’ standards both journalistically and ethically? — Willis Mattison, rural Osage